Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bon Voyage!

So my lovely followers, this post is me saying goodbyeee as I am going on holiday today for 10 days! I am going to Benicassim festival in Spain. I went last year and it was amazinggg but the whole camping thing made it too much effort for phones etc so I am going to have to go 10 days without my phone, blogging, twitter, facebook, you name it! It might just kill me :( But do not fear when you don't hear from me, I'm just in the middle of spain somewhere camping, and I promise some juicy posts when I'm back.
Here's the headliners this year, if you're interested:

The music at the festival starts in the evening and goes through the night so that you don't melt in the sun, and the idea is to sleep through the day. It is far too hot to sleep in a tent in that heat so luckily there is a beach down the road from the campsite where we spent most of our time last year :)
A couple of pics from last year:

So now you can see what I'm in for again this year: Sun, sea, sand, Lidl bread rolls, Vodka and questionable meats.
See you in 10 days! (plus a couple of recovery days)

Rachy xx


  1. oh that sounds like heaps of fun!! Have an amazing time hun! We'll be waiting for the photos once u get back ;)


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