Friday, 29 October 2010

Vampire Ball

Makeup for the Vampire Ball

Tomorrow I shall be going to one of my usual haunts (the venue, Kent) for the Vampire ball. And I will be going guessed it: a vampire! I wanted to have vamptastic makeup so here are a couple of shots with what i have achieved in my practice session.

I Based the look on a youtube tutorial my friend sent me, changing things here and there according to my preferences and supplies. Here is the link:

Note that this is not the complete look that i will be rocking tomorrow as i am yet to die my hair a very bright semi-perminant violette, hopefully making me look more vampy! Ill add pics of the complete look tomorrow.

So heres what i used:

Mac mineralize satinfinish foundation- NW20
Maybelline pure cover mineral concealer- 02 natural
number 17 stardust
Clinique grey eyeshadow (on cheek bones)
Urban Decay eyeshadow- Asphyxia, grifter (as highlighter on cheekbones)

Mac prep + prime eye base- light
Urban decay eyeshadow- oil slick (on brows and lids)
Urban decay eyeshadow- last call, Flash
Urban Decay- Asphyxia, grifter (as highlighter on brow bone)
Mac eye kohl pencil- smoulder
Loreal volume million lashes- black

Mac eye kohl- smoulder
Mac pro longwear lipcreme- goes and goes

Cape: Marks and spencers ;)

As promised here are a couple of pictures fromt he vampire ball of me and my boyfriend sean who kindly let me loose on his face :)

And here's the vodka jelly brain i made mwooohahaha:

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Eau de NO!

The adverts i love to hate

Whilst turning the pages of heat magazine yesterday, I was suddenly hit in the face by one of my biggest annoyances; another celebrity perfume advertisement.
I know most people don’t take much notice of the actual content of those things, but I find myself getting so infuriated I either deface said advertisement (a moustache here and a gap tooth there) or just tear the whole thing to pieces. So here it is…

Number one on my perfume advertisement hitlist has to be..Miss Britney spears.
Here is my first example:

Incase you can't see the small writing, this purfume is called 'Britney spears circus fantasy'
The first time i saw this advert on tv i scoffed with laughter. I am aware that Britney brought out some kind of circus related album, but to bring out a circus purfume and stick the word 'fantasy' on the end of it....well i don't know about you, but that conjours up some very dubious images for me. keep it to yourself Britney!

Example numero 2:

(this is the advert i came across in heat yesterday)

Incase you can't see the writing on this one...the purfume is called 'radiance' and the description instructs you to 'choose your own destiny'.
Again i am struck with the unorigionality of this advert and would like to ask the question: what in hells bells has radiance got to do with choosing you own destiny??!
Did Britney hire a 5 year old to sit down with her crayons and scribble down the first thing that came to mind? because that really is what it seems like to me.

A third purfume by Britney is called 'curious' and comes with the motto 'are you in control?' Again; child-crayons? (she must be a very busy women to have a music career and be able to come up with all these inspirating mottos)

Lastly. Miss Scarlett johansson. I have always had quite a high regard for Scarlett as she seems like an intellegant woman and i have enjoyed a few of the films she has been in. I don't know if money was getting tight for her or what, but i am extremely dissapointed that she would get involved with an ad campagn as dire as this one...

(sorry if this video didnt come up here is the youtube link:)

the dialogue in this clip is as follows:
"im looking, i dont know what im looking for. Maybe everything, maybe nothing. But i'll know when I find it. You know when It's the one, thats the one."

Not only is this grammatically shite, it sounds like a GCSE English student has been told to go away and write a poem..written this...then thrown it in the bin because its not good enough.

Other offenders include Paris Hilton, Mariah carey, Katie price, Coleen rooney and god knows how many others. I hope i have opened your eyes to the frustrating drivel in these advertisment s, and Britney, I'm sorry if my little blog has hindered your purfume sales. My solution: STOP!!! PLEASE!

P.S sorry to my boyfriend who has to listen to a 5 minuite rant about "HOW FRIGGING IRRELIVENT THIS IS" every time i come across one of these adverts...maybe i should stop reading heat?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Face of the day: Feeling pink

I woke up this morning feeling particularly girly. Considering i'm not a very girly person (other than my makeup and pink lipstick obsession), this is my attempt at a girly pink face.


Mac mineralize satinfinish spf15 foundation- NW20
Mac Oh so fair beauty powder

Mac prep + prime eye - light Maybelline pure cover mineral concealer- 02 natural
Benefit instant brow pencil - medium to dark
urban decay eyeshadow-grind, shotgun

Loreal eyeliner-brown
Loreal volume million lashes-black

Lush snow fairy lip tint

Sunday, 24 October 2010

mac mac mac!

I Walked into my local Mac store today, feeling cheeky and wanting to buy a couple of things, so i picked a couple out and took those things up to the counter ..and only then did my eyes meet the shiny new display of the Tartan Tale christmas collection boxsets! So i ask the lady if she could show me one, she replied "oh, i shouldn't really but go on then.." and took down the small yellow tartan boxset and opened it up. Inside was a gorgeous lilacy-purple pigment, a darker purple paint pot and a mini mascara and eyebrush, all accompanyed by a pretty tartan pouch to put it all in. Now im not much of a tartan kinda gal but these items bore no real resembelance to tartan, and i even found myself liking the little tartan pouch!
Lets just say it was love at first sight for me and this mini boxset, and i could envision myself running home clutching my Mac bag eager to perfect my purple sparkly eyes which would go perfectly with the maleficent revenge is sweet lipglass....alas. The kind lady informed me that I would not be allowed to buy the collection untill November 4th, so the pretty display was just a tease!

The point of this little story is that if i were to come home with the boxset in hand i would have done a christmas look, but instead i shall be creating my classic daytime makeup look and two of my favourite night time looks.

(details of the Mac Christmas Tartan Tale collection on the following link)
hint to boyfriend: i lurveeee the lilac lipgloss and lipstick ;)

Daytime look

This is my most common daytime look. I will alternate between this and softer brown eyeliners and shadows and experiment daily with different lip colours. (Mac, innocence beware is a favourite at the mo) Again sorry for the picture quality, im using my iphone.

Mac mineralize satinfinish spf15- NW20
Mac Oh so fair beauty powder

Mac prep + prime eye - light
Maybelline pure cover mineral concealer- 02 natural
Benefit instant brow pencil - medium to dark
Bourjois eyeshadow- 08 Beige rose
Urban decay shadow- chopper
Loreal super liner- carbon black
Loreal volume million lasher- black

Mac pro longwear lipcreme- overtime

Night time look 1

This look was actually modelled on a Dreamgirls Deena Jones makeup tutorial i watched on youtube (my friend sent me the link knowing that I am a huge Dreamgirls fan) It didnt come out looking exactly as id hoped deena-wise, but I do think it looks nice as an evening look.

Mac mineralize satinfinish spf15- NW20
Benefit powder- Georgia

Mac prep + prime eye - light
Maybelline pure cover mineral concealer- 02 natural
Benefit instant brow pencil - medium to dark

Urban decay shadow- maui wowie
Urban decay shadow- oil slick
Mac eye kohl- smoulder
Loreal super liner- carbon black
Loreal volume million lashes- black

Mac lip pencil- Deverish
Mac frost lipstick- New york apple

Nightime look 2

Everyone loves a bit of purple..well i do. This look celebrates my love of the colour purple and my recent obsession with purple lipstick. Again due to the rubbish quality of iphone pics, its hard to see this look in its full glory so you'll have to use your imagination...

Mac mineralize satinfinish spf15- NW20
Mac Oh so fair beauty powder
Bourjois blush- 33 Lilas d'or

primer, concieler & brow pencil- as before
Urban decay shadow- asphyxia
Urban decay shadow- Flash
Urban decay shadow- Oil slick
Mac eye kohl- smoulder
Loreal volume million lashes- black

Mac pro longwear lipcreme- goes and goes

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you can now see how makeup obsessed i am. There will be more on its way soon :)

Monday, 18 October 2010

another new house, another new room

So I feel like i've been lugging my belongings back and forth a little too much over the last year or so, moving in and out of my London home and university flats and now into my new university house, which i have already swapped rooms in.

That said, this post signifies the final settling down of me in my new room (well, for this year anyway), which i have tried my hardest to put my own rachy stamp on.

You could say I have gone through something of an upgrade in this house as i was previously living in a smaller room, but after a housemate moving out i decided to swap. 'Score!' you might think, but i felt a little dubious as i had finally learnt to feel comfortable in my little cosy room, only to have to shift my life and try to adjust to ANOTHER new room.

However, Ive put up my postcards, a few million candles, Karllson clock and some loveheart lights and have also aquired a pretty pink mirror, so i do believe this room is starting to feel rachy at last!

(do note that my room is lacking in a couple of posters which ill be buying off the web later today..beatles and Elvis preferably :)

(also note that ill be using my iphone untill my camera is fixed- so the pics lack in quality:( )

An intro to the world of Rachy

I am a 19 year old London girl who has just gone into her second year of university studying English and American literature at the University of Kent, Canterbury and seeing as that is a degree that is supposed to involve writing, thats what I have decided I shall do in this little blog of mine.

Don't worry i won't bore you with poetic techniques or the works of Chaucer, rather I will be writing about interests of mine. These interests will include Makeup (mac in particular), Hair (colour and styles), Music (ranging from the spicegirls to The Beatles), Films, tv programmes (ranging from documentaries to carcrash tv) and anything else that tickles my fancy.

I enjoy nothing more than tapping my foot to an Elvis number whilst painting on my liquid eyeliner getting ready to bop out for a good night on the town, so I am hoping to attract like minded souls who enjoy a good boogie and a good blusher.

Rachy out.
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