Saturday, 19 February 2011

Coral collecting

I only have a small amount of corals in my makeup collection but I have noticed that recently, the coral/orangey products are the ones im always reaching for. This may be as im feeling a bit run down with alot of uni work and I think the coral colours are helping to brighten up my face a in a more interesting way than perhaps pinks do. I am also loving brighter corals and oranges with evening looks (e.g Mac virgin isle creme colour base & collection 2000 lasting colour lipstick in 11 orange punch).
Here is my modest collection of corals, which I have a feeling will be growing larger very soon...

From top left to bottom right:

1. Benefit georgia

2. Pop glitter- 18

3. Collection 2000 lasting colour lipstick- 11 Orange punch

4. Mac tartan tale lipstick- Cut a caper

5. Topshop lipglaze- Tropic (only £1!)

6. Mac dazzleglass- Smile

7. Benefit silky powder eyeshadow- shallow

8. Mac cream colour base- Virgin isle

9.Mac powder blush- style

Do you guys have any favourite coral/orange products at the moment?

Rachy xxx


  1. You know me..I'm obsessed with coral/peach..loving everything at the moment. But I have to rotate things otherwise I forget what I have.

  2. Lovely corals!
    Check out MACs melba blush, its a peachy coral but makes me feel very pretty when I wear it. Love the look of smile!

  3. I love coral! You have a really nice collection... I couldnt find the Collection 2000 lipstick the other day but I bought Hot Chilli by 17 instead, which is a good lady danger dupe... Loving the Topshop lip gloss... and what a bargain! xx

  4. I love virgin isle.. such a gorgeous colour.. I just wrote a post on what I combine with to get that perfect corally cheeks


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