Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A very happy birthday :)

Today is my birthday!!! I am now 20 and feeling quite emotional at the thought of saying goodbye to my teenage years but I suppose I have to grow up one day!
It's been a great day, my mum and nan came to visit me at uni, went for a lovely lunch and came back to open presents with housemates then we went on to nandos in the evening :)
Last night we decided to go out dressed as leopards, which is always fun!
Heres some pictures of my birthday and some of my amazing presents:

Me and the boyf Sean dressed as felines :)


I finally got a slanket!! Using the pouch to stash my cashews and jellybeans lol

Soap and glory hand food, the righteous butter & flake away from my housemates, Lush american cream conditioner, No 7 foundation brush, and my first mac eyeshadow quad!!

My mac eyeshadow quad from nan :) The colours are: shroom, all that glitters, woodwinked and twinks.

And it wouldn't be a birthday without a lush parcel! I got Magic mushroom bubble bar, Sakura ballistic, sugar babe scrub, karma bubble bar, shimmy shimmy glitter massage bar, Geo phizz ballistic.

D&G light blue purfume and a gorgeous Oli & Nic apple bag from my boyfriend who I love very much

Pretty new bedsheets from mum

Pretty Accesorize necklace from housemates

And lots more...

So as you can see I am a very lucky girl

it has been a lovely birthday with my lovely family friends and boyfriend and I am a happy birthday girl.

Rachy xx


  1. A very happy birthday. You looked great and what cute gifts!

  2. glad you had a lovely day love Mum x

  3. Aww looks like you had a great birthday! The eyeshadow quad looks really good & so do the lush goodies! Also love the lashes you are wearing in the picture :)


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