Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sleek primer palette- pics & swatches

Some of you may have been aware of the new sleek palette being brought out today (though I wasn't..I just stumbled upon it in superdrug today) and that is what I am here to show you today.

I've been meaning to try the sleek palettes for a while and I thought what better way to start than with the new primer palette. (cost £6.99, same as the other sleek palettes I think)

Initial thoughts:
Very exciting. pretty colours, although the colour names make no sense at all..they seem to be all jumbled up on the sheet (you will see what I mean)

There will be pics & a review to follow when I have had a chance to try the palette properly :)
Now you can see what I mean about the names. The green one being called peach? If you mix the names around to the right colours they do seem to make sense.
Flash on. I am most excited for the green, brown and orange :)

Keep posted for a review :)
Did any of you manage to pick up this palette?

Rachy xxx


  1. I didn't know that this was coming out! I'll defo check it out on Friday.
    I wonder if they crease?
    And yes, the names seem to be all wrong.
    Let us know what you think please.

  2. these colours look really nice, i've never tried Sleek as the Superdrug near me doesn't sell them! x


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