Thursday, 14 March 2013

March 2013 Birchbox UK

Today marks the second month for Birchbox UK and my first month as a Birchbox subscriber! My year-long Glossybox subscription has just ended, and in it's place I now have a 12 month subscription to Birchbox. Coming from the other side of the pond I'll find it hard not to make comparisons between the two camps but for now I'll just focus on what I got in my first box. 

There were no full size products in this box, only sample sizes. I have written the cost of the full sizes next to the product names.

A nice little addition to the boxes is the Birchbox magazine. I was always slightly envious when subscribed to Glossybox seeing the Joliebox subscribers get their Jolie mag every month so I'm happy to finally be part of the gang and look forward to having a flick through the glossy mag later.

Inside the box you get a little draw string bag containing the products and a couple of information cards with the products and brief descriptions written on them.

 A Sneak peek inside the draw string bag

And here are the Sample's that I received in my box:

1. RMK cleansing balm (full size costs £29) - This cleansing balm has a heavy rose scent to it which might not be to everyone's taste but I've had good experiences with skincare containing rose so have positive associations with the smell. I have heard a little about RMK before and from what I gather it is quite a luxury brand. I've been loving using my Emma Hardie cleansing balm for a while now so look forward to giving this one a try and seeing how it compares.

2. La Sultane De Saba body lotion with Argan Oil (full size £26.50) - This body lotion has a gentle, clean smell and it will be nice to try a body product with Argan Oil in it as I am so used to only using Argan Oil in my hair. The problem with body products this size is that you can't really get a good enough trial out of them to see if they are worth buying.

3. Laura Geller Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner - I love my black gel liners and have been pretty faithful to the Maybelline one for a good year now. Laura Geller is an intriguing brand that I've seen pop up on QVC before (they are famous for their baked blushers) so I look forward to giving this liner a good test when my Maybelline one is on its last legs.

4. Molten Brown Navigations Through Scent - Valbonne (full size £65) - As far as perfume samples go, I am very happy to see this one appear in my box. I am a big fan of the Molten Brown Navigations through Scent range and already have the full sizes of two perfumes from the line. I love the descriptive story behind the notes in each perfume and how those notes correlate to the destination the perfume is named after. This must be a new fragrance in the line as I've not seen it before, and I can tell you that from one spray I am slightly in Love. With notes of bergamot, orange flower, mimosa, rose, vetiver and leather this fragrance is described as 'Spontaneous. Elegant. Chic.'

5. Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream (full size £19.50) - This is one of those cult multi-purpose products than can be used as a moisturiser, a lip balm or a balm for chapped and dry skin. I have been given a couple of samples of this in the past from Space NK and I have to say, it boggles my mind a little. As a lip balm I found it has too much slip to it and seems to disappear almost instantly. I am yet to find my use for this but if anything I think I will end up using it on my hands.

And these are the two 'Beauty Extra's' that came in the box.
1. Sanctuary 30 day Thermal Transformation Mask
2. Lindt heart filled with Chocolate truffles (Don't mind if I do!)

All in all I am very happy with my first box from Birchbox and think is has a nice array of products. I was particularly excited to see the RMK cleansing balm in there and am really happy that the perfume sample included was one I turned out to really like (I usually hate receiving perfume samples as they are never to my taste).
I was a little heartbroken when I checked the Birchbox hashtag on Instagram and saw that some boxes contained beauty blenders, but a little disappointment comes with the beauty box territory sometimes if you go hunting for spoilers like me!

Did any of you get the March Birchbox?
What do you think of the contents this month?

Rachel x


  1. Nice post,do you prefer glossy box or birchbox on first look? x

    1. lol im not sure yet, but i do like the yummy molton brown sample...maybe a new one to add to my collection ;) x

  2. Lovely post! I got a beauty blender in mine whoop! X

    1. Thanks :) Ahh so jealous! Such a good thing to get in the box x


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