Friday, 8 April 2011

My illness essentials :(

So this is abit of a feeling sorry for myself post..but I think i've needed to get it out of my system for a while now!

The last couple of weeks has been crazy hectic with uni work (I'm supposed to be essay writing as we speak) and I am lucky enough to have been ill with a rotten chest cough and blocked sinuses for just over 2 weeks now! I have tried EVERYTHING. Medicine, nasal spray, painkillers, eating healthy to the extreme, loads of fruit juice & green tea, even more water.....but nothing is working..if anything my cough is getting worse :( Whats even more rubbish is that I went to the doctor and he just said because its a viral infection theres nothing you can do, no antibiotics...(untill it eventually turns into a chest infection and they give me some bloody antibiotics!) So now I am stuck feeling like crap and riding this illness out in one of my busiest essay writing weeks of the year...brilliant. Not much is making me feel better. But here are a few of my illness essentials that are easing the pain...

1, 2 & 3- Paracetemol, kleenex tissues (plenty of) & Olbas oil: Won't go into too much detail incase you catch my illness but these are the obvious neccessities. The olbas/vicks oil was one of the only things the doctor did reccomend doing (inhaling drops of it in boiling water) unfortunatly that scalds my weakling nostrils so I just rub it on my chest at night instead.

4. Garnier eye roll on- My eyes are really puffy and all shades of red/grey/purple at the moment, so and eye hydrating process is a must. Still in the testing process of this so can't tell you too much but the metal rollerball applicater is nice and cooling and I think it's doing something for the puffiness.

5. Superdrug illuminating moisture cream- My skin is pretty dull and in need of a bit of extra glow, so the slight pearly sheen in this moisturiser is doing that nicely, I also really like the smell.

6. Mac cremeblend blush-something special: Im loving this blusher because it takes minimum effort to apply (dab and blend with fingertips) and leaves me with the natural dewy finish I am looking for, powdery is the last thing I want at the moment!

7. Bobbi brown corrector- porcelain bisque: I have abandoned the concealer for the moment as it is a bit heavy on my tired eyes but the correcter is giving me the perfect, blendable brightness and lightness I need.

8. Blisetex relief cream (formerly blisteze): HALLELUJAH! I have saved the best till last. Myabsolute lifesaver product at the moment. Before I bought this about 3 days ago my lips were so painfull, split and sore and they would be in a horrible state when I woke up in the morning. I Remembered how good blistex is with all its medicated goodness so I ran down to boots and got me some. 2 days later and my lips are back in tip top condition which is good as it means I can now wear lipstick again which is a definate day brightener :) If looking for this make sure you pick up the right one as there are a few different blistexes, but this one in the metal tube is the medicated (lifesaving) one.

What are your illness essentials?

Rachy xxx


  1. i know what you mean, i had a nasty cold ... and now i'm left with a cough ... its the worst! hope you feel better :-) the only thing the doctor prescribed me is Sudafed, but it did help my sinuses!

  2. @Ev: yup tried sudofed too..what a load of rubbish! :( x

  3. I loveeee blistex. Let me know how the eyecream is, one of the people I watch on youtube raves about it.

  4. Ahh I hope you're better soon, I agree Blistex is amazing stuff! x


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