Sunday, 4 December 2011

MAC Metal-X Cream shadow - Venetian tarnish

Hello again! Two blogs in two days, get me! The reason for this post is obvious from the title...I popped into my local Mac today not expecting to want anything and I stumbled across the Metal-X eyeshadows which I didn't even know were out yet! There were only about 4 shades in store so I'm not sure if the others were sold out or aren't released yet (on the Mac UK website some of the shades say 'coming soon'), but the one that caught my eye was Venetian Tarnish. I would describe the shade as a deep bronzey gold, slightly similar to Mac Woodwinked e/s which is one of my favourites.
The Metal-X Cream shadows retail at £15.50 which isn't cheap but you get 2.4g of product compared to the 1.3g side of normal mac eyeshadows. The Metal-X cream shadows are also described as multi-use products designed to give shine to the 'eyes, cheeks and decolletage'. I'm not sure about the shade I have for use other than on my eyes, but I'm sure it can be done with some of the lighter shades.

Here's some pictures (the best I could take in England's poor light!):

The Metal-X shadows come with a textured pattern (not sure why)
Im also wearing Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation in shade 51 which I'm really impressed with.

The cream shadow was really simple to apply, I applied it with my finger and blended it out into the crease with a Mac 217 brush (which you could also probably do with your fingers), and used a pencil brush ro apply on the lower lashline.
I can't tell you weather it creases or not yet because I've only been wearing it about 30 mins but if you wanted to be sure you could set it with a similar coloured eyeshadow (I reccomend Mac woodwinked for this shade.)
I think the Metal-X cream eyeshadows would be great if you are going anywhere over Christmas or New year and want a party eye look with only one product, something I might consider doing. I personally think the look this eyeshadow gives is the perfect festive party look, so I will definately be sticking this in my makeup bag over the holidays!

Rachy xxx


  1. I'm so jealous, your eyes are so gorgeous! This color suits your eye color so well.

  2. That color is seriously so GORGE! I think I have to go get it!

    I'm now following your blog and loving it!

    XoXo Nicole Mariana


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