Friday, 10 December 2010

Happy shopper

So there was a free gift deal in the number 17 section in Boots today and I decided to check it out. The deal was spend £6 and geta free eyeshadow palette. I know free gifts can sometimes be abit naff so i opened it up to have a look and i loved it!
I bought a gold glitter liner (cause i was feeling festive) and a pretty blush duo called 'peaches and cream' and got my lovely 'glam rock eyeshadow palette' free.
I am especially happy with the palette because it contains all the sorts of colours that i go for on a night out, and comes complete with a mirror :)
so here it is:


  1. Very pretty! I love the flowers on the eyeshadows, very Lancome!

  2. yeh i thought tht. im so happy with it, the colours look nicer in real life :) x


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