Thursday, 7 April 2011

Swatch Experiment: Sleek primer palette & mixed eyeshadows

So this is a bit of an experimental post as you can probably guess from the title, and I want it to be as detailed as possible so sorry if it is a little picture heavy! The aim of this post is to make use of some new and old colours I have and mix them together to show myself and you guys.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you may have seen the primer palette post I have already done. In all honesty I wasn't sure on the primer palette for a while and felt a little dissapointed, but now I have returned to it and have been experimenting, and I am putting my initial feelings of dissapointment down to the fact that I wasn't really sure how to make the best use out of the palette.

I noticed that a eyeshadow colours I have (old and new) matched some of the primer colours pretty well so wanted to layer them together to see what I came up with. I was surprised and happy with the result! When layering a matching eyeshadow onto one of the primers, the primer really does work to enhance the colour and make it look more pigmented, and of course increase the lasting power. Here are All the eyeshadows I used:

Here are the swatches:

Left to right: UD oil slick e/s, oil slick over black primer. UD Flash e/s, Flash over purple primer, Mac sushi flower e/s, sushi flower over mix of pink & red primer. UD Uzi, Uzi over silver primer.

Left to right: shimmery yellow sleek e/s, yellow e/s over yellow primer. UD Flipside e/s, Flipside over green primer. Mac Twinks e/s, Twinks over brown primer. Shimmery orange sleek e/s, orange e/s over orange primer.

My favourites Have to be the Urban decay Flipside over the green primer, the colour came out amazingly pigmented and I read in a mag today that that kind of turqoisey/green colour eyeshadow is on trend for spring/summer :) I also love the orange sleek over orange primer...but then I love them all

I hope you can see my reason for doing this post, I wanted to show you (and myself) how the primers can transform an eyeshadow (old or new) into a super pigmented, enhanced version of itsself.

So if you don't have this primer palette yet I reccomended you snap it up and have some fun this spring/summer :)

Rachy xxx


  1. Thanks Rachy...this is very useful.
    I skipped this palette for some reason but I might have a second look if it's still there.

  2. I agree flipside is the prettiest. I love the way these looks. I really wanted to get some NYX jumbo eye pencils for coloured bases, but may have to give this a go instead.

  3. Very usefull post thanks for sharing


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