Monday, 14 March 2011

Haul time; Botanics, Bedhead, Maxfactor & lush

Ive been fairly busy storing up goods for a haul post in the last week or so, and now I have it all together I think it's time I did that post :)

-First of all are the Boots botanics products. I have wanted to try this range out for a while and what better time to try than when boots are doing the 3 for 2 offer across the store. The items I chose were the Pore perfecting day moisture lotion (as my pores have been playing up lately), the Superbalm (Because ive been getting a few tiny dry patches on my face too) and the organic lipbalm (cause I'm a sucker for a new lip balm).
Verdict: love the moisture lotion and the superbalm, but not keen at all on the lipbalm. It has bits in it , doesn't smell or taste nice and doesnt do much for my lips. I actually prefer to use the superbalm on my lips.

-I have also been searching High and low for some yummy smelling coloured hair shampoo now my GHD stuff is reaching its end (I am brunette at the moment but considering a change back to red), and bored with what boots had to offer I turned to the internet where I found a cheeky Bedhead discount website. I chose the Colour godess shampoo & conditioner for brunettes & reds.

Verdict: The smell is AMAZING! smells strongly of caramel/ chocolate...i may have even tasted it. Leaves my hair soft as expected but a little greasy...but I think that may be down to my poor diet/how I'm styling it at the moment.

Now for the makeup part of this haul. I have also been searching for a natural, light-medium wear foundation and after swatching a few of the higher end and drugstore ones I stumbled apon Maxfactor weightless foundation in 40 light ivory. Being a sucker for a free gift I took advantage of maxfactors spend £15 and get a free makeup gift deal. (the foundation was £9.99 and I bought the pretty pink eyeshadow trio with it) the gift came in a naff makeup bag but did contain the three minatures in the pic above, which isn't too bad,

Verdict:The feel of this foundation is pretty unique, it's really soft and I agree with the weightless description. The colour match for my skin is near perfect, which is hard to find as I am lighter than Mac's NW15. However, it did leave my skin a tad itchy. My skin is abit rubbish at the moment so I have discontinued use untill my skin clears up when I will do a propper review.

-And now for my favourite part of the haul! I was furious When lush discontinued the Sonic death monkey showergel so when I heard my Lush employee friend Kelsey was placing a retro order I had to get in on it. The parcel arrived today (there is nothing more exciting than opening a Lush package) and I was excited to see that Kelsey had thrown in a couple of treats, fizzbanger ballistic and Mask of Magnimity.

Verdict: Sonic death monkey remains a favourite Lush product of mine with is amazing terrys chocolate orange-esque scent. I would reccomend you buy it if it weren't so outrageously priced on the website :( as for the extras, they are right up my street! My skin was in need of a serious cleansing and I love the toffee apple scent of the ballistic.

Thanks Kelsey!

Rachy xxx


  1. Wow great haul. The Botanics Superbalm sounds good, and the lush goodies look amazing! I've used Mask Of Magnaminty before and really liked it :) x

  2. That Tigi shampoo/conditioner sounds interesting, I use their Superstar stuff at the moment which is colour safe but I don't know if it would be better to use something for red hair to keep my dye in.

  3. I wrote a review on Mask of Magnaminty and i really do like! My skin feels so fresh and clean afterwards


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