Friday, 7 January 2011

Celebrity makeup I love: Drew Barrymore

So this is another post at work, but this time to cheer me up after getting extremely pissed off on the phone to hp (for the 4th day in a row) trying to fix my laptop only to be cut off (AGAIN!)
Seeing as I can't very well do my makeup and take pictures at work, I am doing a slightly more discreet post, with the help of google images and my love of Drew Barrymore.
Drew Barrymore is one of the only hollywood celebrities that I have ever been mildly obsessed with, I believe that if we met we would be soulmates and she'd (hopefull) love me as much as I love her. Since her Charlies angels days she has always struck me as one of the quirkier hollywood celebs, with styling to match. One of the reasons I love her is because of her beautiful makeup looks. She can go from pretty, soft faced neautal looks to wearing a very bold lip for a night time look. And I do love my bold lip looks.
In this post I will show you a few of the makeup looks of Barrymore's that I love and tell you why :)
I absolutly love this look. She looks beautifully fresh faced with a gentle blush and (from what I can see) lovely neutrals and golds on here eyes. I wish I knew the lipstick colour as I would run to buy it straight away! To me it looks like a less dramatic, more red version of Mac impassioned. If anyone has a better comparison please let me know

This picture shows Drew barrymore working a very cute 60s makeup look with grey eyeshadow, a very neat black eyeliner line and light pink lipstick, and flawless skin as always. I love my pink lipsticks so this look instantly appealed to me.

This picture again shows a very fresh faced drew sporting a gorgeous true red lip. What I like about this picture is that she doesn't feel the need to over-do the eyes, she leaves them simple and lets the bold lips do the talking.

This look is the one most likely to appeal to me on a night out, as I am a girl who likes to do a little something with my eyes. I can see pretty green and browns on the eyes, which are colours I like to use myself, and another gorgeous red lip.

Thats Drew Barrymore done...and now I want to be her :/

As a bit of an add-on to this post, one other person who's makeup I was absolutly loving in 2010 was Xfactor's Rebecca Ferguson. From the auditions she always wore very sweet and pretty makeup looks, and with the live shows (and the addition of a stylist and makeup artist) the makeup looks seem to have been taken up a notch. Here two looks that made me gasp with delight:

With these two looks I fell in love with the lips on the 1st and I love the smokey eyes in the second.

Hope you have enjoyed
Rachy xxx


  1. Fantastic post, especially liking the first two pics :) I love Drew Barrymore's make up! She always looks amazing x

  2. @Hannah: thanks alot, yep the 1st is probably my fave too x

  3. Oh I hated that black lippie on x factor. But i love the drew pics, awesome post rachy.

  4. I agree Drew Barrymore does always look lovely! love the looks you have picked out x


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