Tuesday, 31 May 2011

John Frieda precision foam colour- radiant red

Now exams are out of the way I thought it was the perfect time to give my hair a little attention and add a bit of colour to it, so I plodded down to boots to have a browse. My hair is naturally brown but in the past I have been all shades of red under the sun. Since the cheryl cole mania took place I have been in redhead hiding, at risk of looking like every other red headed english student on campus. I'm still not ready to come out of hiding, but My brown hair was getting a little samey so I decided to go for a subtle hint of red and I found the colour I was looking for with John Friedas foam colour hairdye in Radiant red (a medium red/brown). I have been interesting in trying this dye before but it has been a little pricier than the others, so when i noticed it on offer in boots for £6ish I snapped it up.

Here's some pics of the process:

My hair before: a pretty standard brown

The Box & colour
What came in the box. Black gloves, weird! also impressed at the size of conditioner it came with. (the tube that has the number 3 on it)

Pics of Hair post-dyeing:
The dye added a very subtle amount of red, which I happen to like. It left my hair extremely soft and healthy looking :)
As for the foam element it worked really well and although my friend was doing it for me I could tell that the foam was very easy to apply, non drip, and didn't smell as bad as other dyes.

And just for fun, a picture of my hair at it's reddest:

Rachy x


  1. nice color :)

  2. It's just the right amount of red. Really suits you :)

  3. oooh pwetty pwetty!
    the red really complements your eyes and skintone me thinks


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