Monday, 18 October 2010

another new house, another new room

So I feel like i've been lugging my belongings back and forth a little too much over the last year or so, moving in and out of my London home and university flats and now into my new university house, which i have already swapped rooms in.

That said, this post signifies the final settling down of me in my new room (well, for this year anyway), which i have tried my hardest to put my own rachy stamp on.

You could say I have gone through something of an upgrade in this house as i was previously living in a smaller room, but after a housemate moving out i decided to swap. 'Score!' you might think, but i felt a little dubious as i had finally learnt to feel comfortable in my little cosy room, only to have to shift my life and try to adjust to ANOTHER new room.

However, Ive put up my postcards, a few million candles, Karllson clock and some loveheart lights and have also aquired a pretty pink mirror, so i do believe this room is starting to feel rachy at last!

(do note that my room is lacking in a couple of posters which ill be buying off the web later today..beatles and Elvis preferably :)

(also note that ill be using my iphone untill my camera is fixed- so the pics lack in quality:( )


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