Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Eau de NO!

The adverts i love to hate

Whilst turning the pages of heat magazine yesterday, I was suddenly hit in the face by one of my biggest annoyances; another celebrity perfume advertisement.
I know most people don’t take much notice of the actual content of those things, but I find myself getting so infuriated I either deface said advertisement (a moustache here and a gap tooth there) or just tear the whole thing to pieces. So here it is…

Number one on my perfume advertisement hitlist has to be..Miss Britney spears.
Here is my first example:

Incase you can't see the small writing, this purfume is called 'Britney spears circus fantasy'
The first time i saw this advert on tv i scoffed with laughter. I am aware that Britney brought out some kind of circus related album, but to bring out a circus purfume and stick the word 'fantasy' on the end of it....well i don't know about you, but that conjours up some very dubious images for me. keep it to yourself Britney!

Example numero 2:

(this is the advert i came across in heat yesterday)

Incase you can't see the writing on this one...the purfume is called 'radiance' and the description instructs you to 'choose your own destiny'.
Again i am struck with the unorigionality of this advert and would like to ask the question: what in hells bells has radiance got to do with choosing you own destiny??!
Did Britney hire a 5 year old to sit down with her crayons and scribble down the first thing that came to mind? because that really is what it seems like to me.

A third purfume by Britney is called 'curious' and comes with the motto 'are you in control?' Again; child-crayons? (she must be a very busy women to have a music career and be able to come up with all these inspirating mottos)

Lastly. Miss Scarlett johansson. I have always had quite a high regard for Scarlett as she seems like an intellegant woman and i have enjoyed a few of the films she has been in. I don't know if money was getting tight for her or what, but i am extremely dissapointed that she would get involved with an ad campagn as dire as this one...

(sorry if this video didnt come up here is the youtube link:)

the dialogue in this clip is as follows:
"im looking, i dont know what im looking for. Maybe everything, maybe nothing. But i'll know when I find it. You know when It's the one, thats the one."

Not only is this grammatically shite, it sounds like a GCSE English student has been told to go away and write a poem..written this...then thrown it in the bin because its not good enough.

Other offenders include Paris Hilton, Mariah carey, Katie price, Coleen rooney and god knows how many others. I hope i have opened your eyes to the frustrating drivel in these advertisment s, and Britney, I'm sorry if my little blog has hindered your purfume sales. My solution: STOP!!! PLEASE!

P.S sorry to my boyfriend who has to listen to a 5 minuite rant about "HOW FRIGGING IRRELIVENT THIS IS" every time i come across one of these adverts...maybe i should stop reading heat?

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  1. LOLZ I was talking about how terrible the britney ad no 2 is, DEAR LORD! it's sooo tacky! x


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