Monday, 18 October 2010

An intro to the world of Rachy

I am a 19 year old London girl who has just gone into her second year of university studying English and American literature at the University of Kent, Canterbury and seeing as that is a degree that is supposed to involve writing, thats what I have decided I shall do in this little blog of mine.

Don't worry i won't bore you with poetic techniques or the works of Chaucer, rather I will be writing about interests of mine. These interests will include Makeup (mac in particular), Hair (colour and styles), Music (ranging from the spicegirls to The Beatles), Films, tv programmes (ranging from documentaries to carcrash tv) and anything else that tickles my fancy.

I enjoy nothing more than tapping my foot to an Elvis number whilst painting on my liquid eyeliner getting ready to bop out for a good night on the town, so I am hoping to attract like minded souls who enjoy a good boogie and a good blusher.

Rachy out.

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