Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Loving Lilac

Loving Lilac
A couple of posts ago (mac mac mac!) i talked about my eagerness to get my grubby little mitts onto a couple of items from the new Mac Tartan Tale collection..and that i have done :)
Looking at the boxsets in the collection i have to say I wasnt too impressed. Other than the eye pigment and pot kits I thought the sets didnt seem very good value for money. I origionally wanted one of the blush palettes, but considering the price of them, the palette was very small so I am glad I didn't buy.

That said, I did fall in love with a couple of the products, and those were Courting lilac lipstick and Gone romancin' dazzleglass creme. (These products weren't supposed to be sold untill tomorrow but after a persuading little smile, the kind mac lady gave in.

To stick to the lilac theme i also treated myself to a gorgeous pink & lilac mineralize blush duo (hang loose) which happened to be limited edition and the last one in stock :)

Here are a couple of pictures of how the products turned out. (picture quality not so good) Along with the new lipstick/gloss and blush i am wearing my usual foundation, conceiler, brow pencil and a couple of lilacy urban decay eyeshadows.

Left- Lipstick, Right- dazzleglass creme


  1. Very pretty. I think the blush came out with the in the groove collection, which was in like september? Oh I'm so excited, I'm going to bluewater on friday, its in kent but not close enough :(

  2. also how cute is your shirt/jacket!


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