Thursday, 11 November 2010

Prized possesions

My Lipstick collection Swatches

Those close to me know that one of the things I am most obsessed with, and I will often not shut up about, is Lipstick. Whether it be Mac, (it mainly is) benefit, or Number 17, I just cannot get enough of the stuff. If asked to choose my favourite lipstick, I am just not sure i coule give an answer, i would have to give a few. So I thought it was high time that i shared pictures of my growing collection.


The Reds:
I am ashamed to say I only really have 2 red lipsticks. I think the reason for this is purely because I became so dedicated to collecting pinks that i forgot all about the importance of a good red lipstick. Not to worry, there are a couple on my xmas list!
1. Mac (frost)- New york apple
2.Gosh- 60 Lambada
The Pinks:
As i just mentioned I am very dedicated to my collecting of pretty pink lipsticks, which I am however trying to calm down at the moment! so here they are:
3. Mac hello kitty (frost)- 05 bombshell
Mac (amplified)- Chatterbox
5. 17 lasting fix- dreamy
6. Mac (lustre)- Viva Glam Gaga
7. Mac pro longwear lipcreme- Overtime
The Neutrals:
The neautal swatches are obviously harder to see, but they are just as important :)
8. Mac Venemous villains (cremesheen)- innocence, beware!
9. Benefit- Label lover
10. Mac Tartan tale (lustre)- Cut a caper
The purples:
Purples are my most recent obsession. As its coming to winter I am feeling the pale face and dark lipped look more and more, so these lipsticks are a result of that.
11. Mac Tartan tale (glaze) - Courting lilac
12. Collection 2000 lasting colour- 10 Berry blast
13. Mac longwear lipcreme- goes and goes
So there you have it, those are my babies. As I said earlier i could not choose my favourites if asked but i do reccomend the Mac longwear lipcremes as they feel lovely and really do last longer.
Rachy x


  1. woaaaaaaaaaah thats quite the collection, PAINT MY FACE!

    suprisingly I really dig number 12, can't wait to show you my new purple lipsticks when you return for christmas :D xxxxxxxxx

  2. I am really liking the look of overtime and chatterbox. Also next time you swatch can you do it a bit further down your arms please? I could see the veins in your wrist and was feeling sick, omg I hate wrists.
    But anyway this is a super awesome post and I'm well jealous.

  3. oh also liking cut a caper, well pretty!

  4. ooh aimee u have purple, we can compare :0 yeh number 12 is a really nice 1, there was a mac shade i was gna get tht is the exact same colour but this ones like half the price :)

    And kelsey overtime is suchh a pretty colour...soz about the veins, i see ur point lol



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