Saturday, 20 August 2011

Clinique Bottom Lash mascara

So the other day I took a cheeky trip to Debenhams and couldn't resist checking out the strange little mascara that everyones been talking about; Clinique bottom lash mascara.

At first I wondered what the hell the point in a separate mascara for the bottom lashes was, but with £5 on my beauty club card (the mascara costs £10) I jumped on the bandwagon.

The bottom lash mascara has a 'long-wearing formula' (which I agree with, I have had no smudgeing or flaking whatsoever). The shade I got was 01 Black and I believe there are two other shades, brown and brown-black.
Here's a few pics to show the size of the product and demonstrate it in action! :

Look how pretty that packaging is! The mascara comes in the standard Clinique boxing and the packaging of the actual product is plastic matte silver with a gorgeous metalic flowery design.

The tiny comb is perfect for coating the smallest of lashes in mascara without clumping.

Teeny tiny brush!

And here are pictures of my lashes with one thinly applied coat on my bottom lashes (I am wearing Rimmel Lash accelerator on top lashes)

So those pictures show me with a thinly applied layer of the mascara to keep a natural look and avoid any clumping, and I love the effect. I am yet to try the bottom lash mascara with an evening look but I would apply it more liberally with a smokey eye look which I think would also look nice :) I think the small comb makes it really easy to avoid clumping.
This mascara is good for me because I never really bother with mascaras on my bottom lashes. Thinking about it this is probably because I have always been attracted to volumising mascaras which usually have a large comb, making it difficult to avoid mess on the bottom lashes. So it is a nice change for me to have spidery bottom lashes too, It feels very feminine.

Do I think this product is an unnecessary novelty? Theres no question about it, this mascara is a novelty item, from the pretty packaging to the teenie tiny brush. It is unnecesary if you aren't bothered with putting in the extra effort with regular sized mascaras on the bottom lashes, but if you struggle with bottom lash smudgeing and want a really simple spidery bottom lash this mascara is perfect.

Would I repurchase? If I has some spare cash I would probably repurchase, or would possibly put it on a christmas list. It isn't an absolute essential but I find it a nice little product to own and will definately be making the most of it.

Have any of you tried Clinique bottom lash mascara? Or any other bottom lash mascaras?
Rachy xxx


  1. I have stupidly long bottom lashes so they look awful with mascara on. Shame as this looks really cute!

  2. I've never tried it, and i'm not sure I would since my bottom lashes are easily coated with regular mascaras, but I love the innovative idea, and as you said, the cute packaging! I'm a fan of Clinique in general to be honest!


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