Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jemma Kidd Dewy glow radiance cream- Rose gold

So even though my skin is still sore and I can't really wear makeup at the moment I still have loads of new, practcally unused makeup products and I was dieing to try one of them out. So I decided (perhaps wrongly) to slap on some foundation (you can still see some sore redness on my cheeks) and try out Jemma Kidds Dewy glow radiance cream in 02 Rose Gold.

Here's some pictures, Swatches and What It looked like on my cheeks:

Don't know why I took this picture, couldn't resist with the pretty packaging!

More pretty packaging

02 Rose Gold

Mirror inside, pretty convenient :) OOPS you can kinda see me in my slanket lol

Very pretty rose gold colour :)

Heavily swatched, blended.

With Dewy Glow on my cheeks.

My overall impressions of this product are: loveee! such a lovely creamy texture which glides right onto the skin and blends beautifully. It also has the added ingredient of jojoba oil, which can't be a bad thing! As I said in a previous post (and have ranted about on twitter), I am still suffering from an allergic reaction on my face so can't really wear makeup at the moment but I can tell that as soon as I can, this is going to become one of my staple products.

I bought it from for £13.50 which is cheaper than anywhere else I have found on the internet (usually £17).

Rachy xxx


  1. this looks so good, i've wanted to try this for ages. and you can't tell that you've had a reaction at all :) x

  2. @Hannah: I know i'd heard loads about it so when i found it for a couple of quid cheaper on the web i decided to try :) thanks alot, this is actually the better off side of my face but fingers crossed it'll get better. x

  3. This looks great, I have seen it around and this post may have convinced me I need it!


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