Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Lashes

Hello Ladies! Christmas is getting very close, the blogging world must be getting very excited for lots of new product reviews and hauls in the New year, I certainly am!
Just a quick little post before I go to bed because I did a spot of shopping today and wanted to share one of my buys with you.
I came across these lashes in the Debenhams sale today and thought they were so pretty with really nice packaging. They had them with a green strip of glitter or a gold strip of glitter, or a fuller set..but after about 20 mins of asking my boyfriend (and him shrugging) I settled on the green glitter lashes.

Annoyingly you can't see the glitter in this picture but it is really pretty and subtle. I can't wait to wear these to a Christmas party, and for £4.55 (link) (down from £6.50) I think they would make the perfect little stocking filler or gift for a friend.
Pretty much everything else is on sale in Debenhams at the moment (Mac & Benefit lashes too) which is verryyyyy tempting!

Rachy xx

1 comment:

  1. I've been so curious about those Benefit lashes but I have a collection I really ought to use up before I indulge!


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