Thursday, 22 December 2011

Party eyes & Mac club dupe for £2.50!

Hello again :) Today I wanted to share with you a recent find which I am really impressed with. if you are familiar with Superdrugs' MUA (makeup academy) range you'll know that its super cheap and has quite a range of colours. The other day I spotted this really pretty eyeshadow trio for £2.50 and thought I'd pick it up to test and review if it was any good, which it is! First of all £2.50 is bloody amazing, that works out at 75p an eyeshadow!
I also noticed that the darkest shade in this trio is a possible Mac club dupe (I know there are loads out there, but it doesnt hurt to have one for £2.50).
So here are some pictures of the look I created with this duo followed by swatches and a swatch comparison with club.
MUA 'Innocence' eyeshadow trio

Highlight shade, lid shade & crease shade.. simples!

scuse the crazy hair lol! Wearing Mac Rebel on my lips.

MUA/Mac Club comparison:

The MUA shade is on the left and Mac club on the right. The red undertones are more apparent in the MUA shade, and I actually prefer it to club.

Overall I am really impressed with this eyeshadow trio. You wouldn't expect the most amazing quality for £2.50 but it really is decent!
This trio would make a great last minuite stocking filler or treat for yourself, so if your local superdrug stocks MUA I suggest you run out and snap this trio up!

Rachy x


  1. Oooh I love this, I'm going to rush out and grab it when I have some cash :-) xx

  2. @FlossyScissorhands I knew you'd like it Joy :) x

  3. Yes, I've seen it! Gorgeous and super cheap! :)
    Ahh I'm having a seriuos brow envy (a nice one of course). You're so lucky Rach!

  4. I always walk straight past them but might have to have a look in the new year when I'm really skint!

  5. Thanks for sharing the dupe! I don't mean to be a creep, but you have lovely eyes, very striking! I love your makeup here! :) haha

  6. @vintage makeup : glad to share! And thanks alot :) x


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