Monday, 15 November 2010

My Minerals

A Brief guide to/praise of mineral makeup
Lately I have become more and more aware of mineral makeup and have discovered that with the mineral products i have bought myself, i am definatly interested in trying out more. The items that I own and will describe are all items that I have mentioned in previous posts, but I will mention them again as this is a post soley devoted to mineral makeup :)

So here is my modest mineral collection:
(I will describe the products from left to right)

1.) Mac Venemous Villains mineral eyeshadow duo- she who dares
This is a gorgeous glittery eyeshadow duo with a shimmery navy blue and a shimmery dark green. Being a student, I am out clubbing more often than not so i was instantly attracted to the dark shimmery tones, perfect for the evening.
(see my Emerald eyes post to see the green on me)

2.) Mac mineralize satinfinish spf15 foundation- NW20
This was my first Mac foundation and I have to say I love it. I have quite good skin so I didnt want a foundation that was too thick, and if you are like me then this foundation is perfect. It has a slight shimmer to it, which some people don't like as it can make them look shiney but I am a girl who likes abit of shimmer, it's perfect for posey photos ;) I got the NW20 shade when I had a slight tan so I am more of a NW15 now.

3.) Maybelline pure cover mineral concealer- 02 natural
I have always been a sufferer of dark circles under my eyes, and being a user of concealer since I was about 12, I have gone through more concealer brands than I care to mention. Some can be too thick and sticky, but this one is not that. It is the perfect colour for me, which is rare, and it stays put and can be topped up and still look great. After many years of searching, this is the concealer I have settled on and am now on my third tube. (its also nice and cheap!)

4.) Mac mineralize blush- Hang loose
This is the blusher I purchased when i was going through my lilac phase (see loving lilac post) and I am not regretting the purchase. As you can already tell I love abit of a shimmer and a glow, and this blush is perfect for that. It is also lovely and light reflecting in photos.

And a couple of mineral products that are on my christmas list:

On the left we have the Mineralize skinfinish in soft and gentle. I tried this on my hand in store and it is gorgous and glowy and i hope to look like a goddess when I have on for my own :)

On the right we have the Mineralize eyeshadow duo in odd couple. I love the colours in this duo and they will go down a treat with my other lilac products.

There are also a couple of mineral eyeshadow trios on my list.

One thing I would like to leave you with about mineral eyeshadow duos/trios is that in my opinion, they are alot better value than the regular mac eyeshadow pots. One little regular pot is £11, and for £4 pound more you get not one, but two or three colours in one (much bigger) pot. And in my opinion, the mineral eyeshadows are more luxurious.

Rachy x


  1. Oh you made your blog pretty and pink! Odd couple looks pretty, but I'm not a mineral product fan at all. But you look pretttty

  2. I find the mineralized eyeshadows harder to work with, but they are pretty! x


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