Tuesday, 28 June 2011

4 blog awards :)

So the lovely Krystal from http://www.beautybykrystal.com/ has just awarded me 4 blogger awards and I am here to say thankyouuu and pass those awards on :)
And here are the awards:
The Kreativ blogger award
The Stylish blogger award
The versatile blogger award
One Lovely blog award And what I gathered from the rules is that you tell 7 facts about yourself and then pass the awards on to 7 blogs you are a fan of. So here goes...

1.I'm studying English & American literature at uni, and although it's a bumpy ride sometimes I LOVE it.

2. Studying American literature has made me become slightly obsessed with America, New York in particular, and I am lucky enough to be going there on a study trip in February 2012 which will be extended when my mum comes out to meet me for a few days for my 21st bday! EEK!
3. I Love music, but then don't we all. I have been to at least one music festival a year since I was 15. This year its Benicassim and maybe Bestival.
4.I don't know what I want to do when I'm older/after uni, and people always ask me. I have toyed with the thought of teaching, or the police, but I dont think they are careers you just 'consider'. Since doing work experience when I was 15 in the HR department at The Hard Rock Cafe London I have wanted to be involved in the company in some way.
5. I have a random obsession with American Gangsta's at the mo (probably something to do with all the books i've been reading for my course) and am now constantly asking my boyfriend to suggest 'rachy-friendly gangsta movies' for me to watch. (I do realise this is odd.)
6. I LOVE MUSICALS!...I don't know why this isn't the top fact. My favourite is Les Miserables which I have seen 3 times (so far), 1 of those being the 25th anniversary concert <3 I am dieing to see Miss Saigon but it's no longer in production :(

7.I suppose I should make one of these cosmetic related...I think my area of cosmetic obsession is probably lipsticks. I am majourly into building my eyeshadow collection at the mo but nothing gets me excited like a shiney new lipstick!

And the 7 blogs (in no particular order) I am going to pass these awards onto are:
-Mercedes from http://mspurplemakeup.blogspot.com/
Mercedes was probably one of the first blogs I followed and I was amazed by all the great product reviews, swatches and looks on her blog. almost a year on and I still follow her blog religiously. She has also recently started making youtube videos which is exciting :)

-Jennifer from http://make-upjournal.blogspot.com/
A friend reccomended Jennifers blog to me when I asked for blogs that I would like, and now Jennifers blogs is one of my faves. The hauls she does are always right up my street and they always include great photos, swatches and reviews.

This is a more recent blog I have been following, which I came across from all her lovely comments on my page. I am now a regular follower and love reading the great product reviews.

-Ellie from http://missyellieuk.blogspot.com/
Ellie has an Illamasqua blush collection that I am very jelous of and does some gorgous FOTD's. OOTD's aren't usually my thing but I really like Ellie's ones as she often ties them in with her FOTD.

As I'm new to the world of Youtube These next 2 people are bloggers that I discovered On Youtube.

-Estee from http://essiebutton.blogspot.com/
If you havn't watched her videos GO WATCH THEM NOW! She is a super trendy and witty Canadian living in London, I love all her makeup looks and her video Tags which I usually end up doing. Her blog has some good reviews which if you havn't already gathered, I am a fan of.

-Kelly from http://jellyminxthinks.blogspot.com/
I love Kelly's Nars product overviews on youtube (and everything else) and am finding them really usefull when considering building up a NARS collection. She is so calm in all her videos and often makes me giggle. So check her blog and youtube!

Last one is a lovely lady who I stumbled across on twitter when she was having an amazing MAC eyeshadow blogsale:
-Joy from http://joybunny24.blogspot.com/
Her writing style is very friendly and bubbly to match her personality. If you're looking for a bit of fun mixed into the blog-reading experience then you need look no further.

This post was a little more rambly than intended but hopefully you made it all the way to the end! Thanks to Krystal for the awards and go check out all the bloggers that I passed the awards on to!
Rachy xxx

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  1. I loved all your facts you shared! And I'll definitely go check out the bloggers you listed! :D


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