Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5 things I want but do not need

As you can probably tell this is another boredom post at work. If you're wondering why so bored, I am working a temp job that involves watching tv and writing down the music timings....and at the moment I am watching 6 hours of childrens programs. Anyways here are the things that I kind of want at the moment but probably won't buy.

1.Mac special reserve illuminating powder- Rose ole
swatched this in the shop and it is very pretty, but I'm already in love with Soft and Gentle as a highlighter and not sure i'm ready for anything to take that over. (plus the whole spending more money issue!)

2. A snuggie. Because it would be hilair.
They look so ridiculously cosy and I like the idea of myself strolling around the house looking like some kind of monk.

3. Mac Style curve lipstick. This lipstick is right up my street but I already have purples and its not really an every day colour :(

A girl can never have too many headbands..or lovehearts. And this one from is certainly tickling my fancy. I'm not getting this because.....actually I might get this one.

5. Bobby brown gel liner in vi0let Ink.
I have heard nothing but good things about bobby brown gel liners and this colour is gorgeous. I did however vow to my boyfriend that I would be calming it down with the unnecesary makeup purchases in the new year :(


  1. I watched a make-up video using BB gel liner, I'm intrigued! Get it! xx

  2. I so am getting it lol. you saw my other gel liner the other day.. ive decided i like gels and i want more more more! xx

  3. LOL..loved this post!
    I also want Rose Ole and the snuggie but it's the most unsexy thing!
    Love the hair band and ohh goshhhhh did you really have to show me that purple BB gel liner? I just bought one from Shu Uemura which is amazing!
    I have 2 BB ones (black and a plum/purple) but they are no good for the be warned.

  4. @mercedes: Ha i think the snuggie is just worth it for the comedy value tbh! I dont use gel/liquid eyeliners on the waterline anyway so it would be fine for me..oh gawd there goes me convincing myself to buy it even more! x

  5. Loving this, just to let you know there is a lighter mac Purple coming out in the spring. Will be part of the Wonderwomen collection, some other fab stuff coming aswell. I have said to much already. Love and peace xx

  6. @MakeOver Ltd: ooh i look forward to the wonderwoman collection so much! x

  7. Great post :) I really like that headband! & Bobbi Brown gel liner has been on my wishlist for a while x

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Mac are doing a very similar colour to the Bobbi Brown gel liner, its either in the Cats or Rent line, I cant remember. I have seen the eye liners in the Chicago line though and they look to die for. Love and Peace x

  10. You know how I feel about Bobbi Brown gel liner. I also have a slanket, its fucking awesome. And now I want cute hair stuff!

  11. Ugh, I made the exact same promise to my boyfriend. It was a good thing the MAC store was closed when I got to it tonight..


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