Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mini Muffin Machine!

So for christmas, one of my unexpected gifts was a very pretty pink mini muffin making machine! As a lover of pink electrical items and all things cakey you can imagine my excitement!
My first attempt was with a really simple apple muffin recipe which was very easy to make and cook, and I even got risky and threw in some glacier cherrys!
(needless to say the end result was delish!)

Next mini muffin machine & apple & cherry muffin mix

Complete mini muffins :) The machine makes 6 at time but the recommended recipe creates enough ingredients for about 4 batches :)

Me and the boyf; Happy muffin lovers

Hope you enjoyed.
Rachy xxx


  1. God that machine is so dangerous...I will be baking all day. XXX

  2. @mercedes: Hah I know I spent a good evening making them, with my boyfriend and mum waiting expectantly for each batch! xx


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