Friday, 21 January 2011

My Skincare routine on a budget

So my current skincare routine is a particularly student friendly one price-wise and is working a treat. My skin is soft, clean feeling and (when I'm not hungover- glowy) and apart from the occasional deserved spot invasion on my chin due to junk food, there is nothing bad to report on, only good.

Here is what im using:

From left to right:

1. Boots essentials moisturising cream (cucumber- all skin types)- This moisturiser was a purchase I made when feelin aprticularly strapped for cash and in need of a bit of skin moisture, and was only £1.20. I personally like the cucumbery scent as i think I used some cucumber scented boots products when I was younger and it reminds me of my younger years :) I prefer to use this cream before I go to bed or every few mornings.

2. Sainsbury's basics 80 cotton wool pads- I am forever hunting for cheaper cotton wool pads as I think having to pay £1.50 for something you can find for 50p (the spare change in your pocket) is annoying. These ones were about 47p but Ive picked them up for a similar price at Wilkinsons, and they all do the same job.

3. Superdrug vitamin cleanser and eye makeup remover- I purchased this cleanser in a joint but with the illuminating moisture cream which I had heard good things about, I think it was a 2 for £3 deal or something. I wasnt expecting much of a difference from any other cleansers but I really like this one. Not quite sure how to describe but it feels a bit creamier than other cleansers and makes my skin soft after use. Obviously the fact that it has some kind of vitamins in it makes me feel happy with myself too!

4. Superdrug vitamin illuminating moisture cream- The very cheap moisture cream that I have seen praised (and have praised myself) on beauty blogs. This cream has a lovely coconutty smell and a pearly tint to it, leaving your skin silky soft and glowing. Great used as a makeup base or on its own.

5. Garnier soft essentials rose water + pro-vitamin B5 soothing toner- For me, toner is one of the most important skincare items, especially if you are a big wearer of makeup. When I remove my makeup with cleanser or makeup wipes and then squirt a bit of toner onto a cotton pad a wipe across my face, seeing the amount of excess dirt that comes off which overwise would have been left there makes me feel slightly discusted! this particular toner has a lovely rose water scent and is very pleasant to just wipe across your face even when you havnt been wearing makeup just to refress your skin.

Hope this has been of some help
What are some of your budget skincare buys?
Rachy xxx


  1. Tesco's vitamin E range, everything's under £1 but it does wonders. :)

  2. Anne: ooh I will defo have to try that out! X


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