Sunday, 22 May 2011

English rose to Golden godess- Instant tanning experiment!

I was feeling in need of a little colour on my arms today so I popped down to Boots to buy an instant tan (the idea of commiting to actual fake tan scares me). The brand I chose was the Rimmel sun shimmer instant tan in light shimmer. I chose shimmer for an extra bit of glitz.

Soooo when I got home I may have got abit carried away and decided to try it out on my face. It was origionally a joke to make myself look like a member of TOWIE but I surprisingly liked the result haha. My housemate Emillie was getting jeal so I did the same for her ;)

Rimmel sun shimmer instant tan light shimmer: 24hr, wash off (phew!)
Me & Emillie before (last night before going out) look relatively pale
Us now! would ya look at that glow haha. Also both wearing Mac style blush, Jemma kidd dewy glow-rose gold and Topshop lipstick-ohh la la

bronzed Emillie.......

and moi!
Our housemate Jack said we look like English roses turned golden godesses (I think he was being sarcastic, but nevermind!) Hence the title.

Now I don't know if this is a look I'll be rocking all the time as I quite like my pastey little face but maybe on holiday.

I'm in Essex bitch do do do do do do do.......

Rachy xxx


  1. Haha great post! I have the matte version but I've only ever used it once and that was on my legs, I like being pale :) x

  2. I bought this for my boyfriend, cause he is very pale and wanted a bit of tan!! We is loving it so far... apart from the smell!

    I love the way you and your friend just look so natural and healthier with a bit of a tan :))


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