Monday, 16 May 2011

Rave about Revlon! -Super lustrous lipglosses & Matte lipstick

First of all, my camera is back from repair, so I can once again supply you with half-decent pictures instead of the crappy iphone shots (woohoo!)

Secondly, Although I havn't been able to wear much makeup as of late, due to my horrible skin breakout and being stuck indoors with revision anyway, I have had a few of my new purchases lined up on my shelf to admire from a far. These purchases are three revlon super lustrous lipglosses and one matte lipstick.

I don't believe i've ever previously owned a revlon lip product but when I heard the glosses being raved about slightly in the only beauty community, I had to see for myself.
I popped down to boots and was pleasantly surprised by the gloss colours revlon had to offer, and the colours I picked up are right up my street!

Boots were doing a 3 for 2 offer across all cosmetics (and probably still are) so I picked up 3 glosses and one matte lipstick to give it a try.

Revlon super lustrous lipglosses in: 21 Pink Crystals, 180 Pink pop, 170 Coral reef. Revlon Matte lipstick-013 Smoked peach

The neglected new lipglosses/stick laying sadly on top of my revision

Swatches (in the same order as above pics)

Overall I loveeee the lipglosses, I wore the coral one for a couple of days straight and absolutly loved it. The Pink crystals gloss if the only one with a hint of glitter in it, and I think this will be a lovely everyday gloss. The glosses give quite a sheer colour to the lips but it is still noticable (as you can see in the swatches).
As for the matte lipstick- I have never been overly interested in owning a matte lipstick but after swatching the revlon ones in boots I noticed that the formulas didn't seem atall drying but more of a smooth satin finish. The smoked peach colour really appealed to me as I'm into my peach and oranges at the moment, but this colour is different from all others I own.

Anyone else tried any Revlon glosses or lipsticks they love?
Rachy xx


  1. What a great post and lovely swatches, I have strawberry lipgloss and it's not too red but not too muted. I love it :-) xx

  2. I also love revlon matte lipsticks:)


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