Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Products I will NEVER let near my skin again!

Now this post is a little warning to those of you who like me, have sensitive skin. Scrap that, my skin isn't even that sensitive, these products are just made by the devil!

These 3 products are all advertised as 'sensitive skin' products and are all frangrance free and all that jazz, so this should never have happened anyway.
If you're wondering what I'm talking about, I'm talking Spots, I'm talking bumps on my forhead that look like developing devil horns, I'm talking a horrific tzone and a rash that covers a whole side of my face. This sounds horrible, and it was/is (im still recovering). I have never in my life had a breakout this bad. Friends suggested it might be due to diet or stress and although I have been bogged down with exam revision, I really don't feel that stressed. As for diet, nothing has changed. Now you can understand why I havn't included a picture of this horrific breakout, firstly I'd rather give up marmite for life and secondly, you'd probably stop following me.

Here's the suspected lineup:

Superdrug simply pure gentle eye makeup remover, Superdrug simply pure calming cleanser, Simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser.

Now I'm not sure which of these f***ers is the guilty culprit but it's definatly one of them. I brought them all on the same day and starting using them all together. The breakout occured after about 2 days, worsened, and how now lasted about 6 days.

I am really frustrated about this because the whole reason for my buying these products is because I was buying sensitive skin products on a budget. Fair enough if these products didn't work so well, as they were cheap, but this definatly should not have happened!

That said, I took my purse back down to boots (which I shouldn't have had to do) to buy some products to repair my poor little face. Obviously the brilliant brands are too pricey for my student budget so I shopped around carefully for cheaper products I am familiar with which are more gentle on the skin.

My saviour products are these:

Garnier soft essentials dry & sensitive skin cleansing milk, (same brand) soothing toner, E45 cream.
These products were all cheap (Garnier 2 for £4 and E45 £1.99) so didn't break the bank, but as I said, I shouldn't have had to buy them anyway.

The reason I chose these is because i've used the garnier ones before and they had a nice scent and were lovely on my skin, and you can't go wrong with E45. Ive just cleansed and toned my face and applied the E45 cream all over and I have to say, my skin feels immediately better and less itchy and sore. The E45 cream isn't really ideal for everyday use as it's quite greasy but I'm just going to let it sink in and work its magic.

So the moral of this horror story is an unresolved one: I don't know what to do. Should I storm into boots and demand my money back (i've lost the reciept), which I really hate doing, or should I just accept that there are some just some products out there that will do the complete opposite to what they advertise, and more?

Please let me know if any of you have had similar experienced and with what products and what you did about it.

Rachy xxx


  1. I've not got sensitive skin but I used the Simple eye make up remover wipes and my eyes felt like they were burning, so awful and I will never buy them again. Because of that, I am dubious of Simple now. Sometimes when you start using lots of new products at the same time your skin can go crazy but it should settle down after a little bit. What happened to your face sounds pretty bad though. If you want to complain to someone, maybe send an email to Superdrug/Simple?

  2. @Jennifer: ah yeh my friend said it was probably simple aswell, so annoying because they advertise themselves as a sensitive skin brand! yeh skins still bad n quite itchy. i think i will, thanks x

  3. this sounds awful! allergic reactions/breakouts are so horrible... i can sort of sympathyise with you as i got my eyebrows tinted last week while on holiday and had a reaction... my eyes were all swollen, red and itchy (even though i had a patch test).

    i say you should go and get your money back! xx

  4. I have just started using that simple moisturiser for about a week! No breakouts so far!!
    Although once i had a major reaction to clinique and had to take 12 steroid tablets in one go to stop the reaction! x

  5. That Garnier cleansing milk is my saviour - I love it! I'd be really surprised if it was the Simple moisturiser - more likely to be the Superdrug own brand! xxx


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