Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Skincare Regime (update)

I've done a skincare post before but I think it was a budget one. All the products from this post are still fairly budget but maybe a few pounds more expensive but my skin is probably at it's best at the moment, even though I've been eating all the crap under the I think a product praise is in order.
You may or may not know that last week I had a horrible reaction on my face which turned to facial eczema so I basically had to stop using all of the skincare products I was using and get all new, sensitive skin ones. I also had to go to the doctor to get steroid cream to help healing and along with this the doctor and a pharmacist reccomended Aveeno cream (a cream I hadn't heard much about before) to use along side the steroid cream.
The Aveeno cream contains 'natural colloidal oatmeal' which the doctor talked about and is also good for dry, sensitive skin and eczema.
after a couple of days of using the Aveeno along with the steroid cream my skin had gone completely down and is now infact clearer and softer than it has been in a very long time (I have continued use of the Aveeno because I LOVE it)
Now I'm not sure how the Aveeno cream would work for oilier skins but I would say overall I have combination skin and the eczema outbreak was unexpected, and continuing use of the Aveeno isn't making my skin greasy atall, just soft.

If I do wake up and my forehead is a bit on the greasy side I will just give it a wipe over with my toner.

Anyways, enough rambling. Here's what I'm now using and will be using for a long time:

First is the cleanser and toner. Both Garnier soft essentials rose extract. Dry and sensitive.
I really like the Garnier Cleanser and toner. They are soothing on my skin and have a lovely rosey scent. Both 2 for £4 in Boots.

When I told the lady at Lush I had combination skin (sometimes oily but can get dry) They reccomended Fresh Pharmacy. I mainly use the garnier products to cleanse but I use this in the shower to wash my face and when my skin feels dirty to remove excess oils.

And now for the extra special products. Origins ginzing eyecream and Aveeno cream. (the Aveeno cream was about £6) I use these together day and night and they just make my skin lovely and soft and feel really luxurious. I know there is a bit of hype going around about the ginzing eye cream at the moment and now I know why. It is creamy, soothing and helps eye puffiness. I also know that people have been paying up to £25 for this but DO NOT do that, because the boots website are doing the full sized pot in a set with a free mini lipgloss and mascara for £12.50! Link below next photo.

The eye cream has a slight pearly tint to it which some people might not like but I think it blends in nicely and only makes it a better product.

And that was my currant skincare routine with all the products I am using at the moment. The reason I did this post is because I really am happy with how my skin is at the moment. I actually look forward to the end of the day, taking off my makeup and moisturising etc because I look forward to how smooth all of these products make my skin feel!

Rachy xxx


  1. Rachy- Thank you for doing this post!I have just used your boots link to purchase the origins eye-cream! Have been wanting to get it for a wee while, but was majorly put off my the £25+ price tag, so this is fab! Thank youu again :) xx

  2. Brill, am going to get the special offer set now!! Thanks xxx


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