Sunday, 29 May 2011

EXAM FREEDOM! = Mac eyeshadow haul :)

Soooo I have finally finished my 2nd year of university and all of my exams are out of the way! As a treat for this my lovely boyfriend said he would treat me to 2 Mac eyeshadows, and of course I was cheeky and bought myself one aswell. I also Bought a New 15 pan palette from Mac the other day so im getting pretty exciting about filling that up. The palette I'm creating is going to be a neutrals palette but more of a shimmery one as I'm more into shimmery finishes than matte ones at the moment and I really just want some special neutrals.
So here's the three I chose:

L to R: Sable, Mythology, Sketch

L to R: Sable(Frost), Mythology(Lustre), Sketch(Velvet)

Top to bottom: Sketch, Mythology, Sable

My new Mac eyeshadows at at home with their siblings: L to R: Shroom, Gleam, All that glitters, Woodwinked, Sable, Mythology, Twinks, Sketch

And I'm being naughty at the moment and storing some of my INGLOT neutrals in the same palette untill I fill it up with Mac.

Appologies for how grumpy I look in those pictures lol :S This is the FOTD I wore out to watch my uni's drama society's production of peter pan the other night:)
Wearing Mythology on the lid and sketch in the crease. Girl about town on lips.

So as you might see from the swatches I went for more reddish/plummy toned colours. This wasn't intentional but I fell in love with all 3 colours and noticed that as an added bonus they could all be worn together :)

Please comment with any Mac eyeshadows that you think I MUST have, because those pans need to be filled!

Rachy xxx


  1. I just recently got sable too and I LOVE it!! It's such a gorgeous colour on its on and along your lash line!

    Sketch is really nice but too dark for me so I use it on my lower lashline..

    And Mythology is sooo beautiful! I never really gave it much attention until one day I decided to swatch it and was amazed it.. It makes a really good summer colour i think..

    Very good choices u got there girl!

    If you don't already have them, you gotta get:

    - Mulch (I LOVE this eye shadow SO much)
    - Satin Taupe
    - Club (gorgeous greenish brown)

    And I say it again.. Girl about town looks AMAZING on you!

  2. Those are beautiful colours, I've never really looked much at MAC's neutrals. Vex is a pretty colour, it is like a pinky white duochrome with green flashes in the light. Mystery is a good deep brown, I sometimes use it to fill in my brows too.

  3. Well done on finishing 2nd year - and what a great way to treat yourself!

    My number 1 MAC eyeshadows are Patina and Satin Taupe, I use both of these a lot.

    Ellie x

  4. nice colors, the makeup looks great on you!

  5. looks great!! I need to get those colors!


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