Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Retail therapy buy: Mac cream colour base- Hush

So its approaching the end of possibly the busiest term at university and naturally I have a pile of work to do and have developed a rotten cold. Waking up today Feeling completely sorry for myself I allowed my friend to drag me into to town where I payed a visit to my beloved Mac store.
The criteria for my retail therapy buy was:
- Find something I will love and use as much as my MSF soft and gentle
-Something pretty & glowy to ease me into spring/summer makeup
The product I landed on was the cream colour base in Hush, a lovely pinky peachy pearl colour. I will be using it as a subtle blush colour and highlighter :)

Left: Mac all that glitters, Right: Hush.
The shade of Hush reminds me of a Slightly lighter, pinker (and obviously cream) version of Mac all that glitters e/s. The two actually compliment eachother really nicely and I am wearing them both now :)

One thing that I really like about Mac's cream colour bases is that you can use some of them (including this one) on the lips and eyes as well as face. (there is a mini leaflet inside informing you which shades can be used where) This means for example that I could use a dab of Hush along the brow bone paired with All that glitters on the lid :)

Any of you tried Mac's cream colour bases?
Any favourites/reccomendations?

Rachy xxx


  1. I have Hush and love it, such a gorgeous colour and I use it to highlight as well as on my eyelids although it creases x

  2. @hannah: yeh its so pretty :) and I can imagine it would crease so i probably wouldnt use it on the actual lid, just the brow bone xxx

  3. I recently got hush too and it's just gorgeous.. I purchased pearl a while ago but I find hush looks more natural on my skin tone..

  4. i love hush! shell ccb is also a really good color from mac


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