Sunday, 27 March 2011

Superhaul review part 1: Gosh & sleek pout polish

As's what I think about a few of my superhaul items:

You may have seen the new Gosh lip markers advertised, and I'm sure you've all come across the maxfactor ones. I havn't tried the maxfactor ones (other than swatching) and to be honest when I saw the Gosh ones advertised at £4.99 each (with a 3 for 2 deal also on Gosh cosmetics) I decided to check them out. What I found is that the packaging and the colours appealed to me much more than the maxfactor ones which I havn't felt a particular urge to buy. I'm glad I made the purchase and I am also glad that I chose two such pretty, bold colours. And of course the gorgeous free nailvarnish was an added bonus.

The Sleek pout polish is something I have seen praised on Vivianna's favourite lipgloss youtube video so I decided it was time to try for myself.

Gosh lasting lipmarkers in:004 Berry & 001 Red (although I would call it more of a bright orange/red)

Sleek pout polish- Electro peach

There is a reason that I put the Gosh markers and the pout polish in the same post, and that is because I discovered that Electro peach pout polish looks gorgeous over the Red (orangey) marker.

Im sorry I havn't done any photos with them on my lips, they are a little dry today but I can supply you with a swatch photo to demonstrate. (I do love the lipmarkers so I'm sure they will be featuring in up and coming FOTD'S)Left to right: Gosh lipmarker- Red, Sleek pout polish-electro peach, Electro peach over red marker. As you can hopefully see, layering the two enhances the colour and adds a nice gloss.

I love all of these Lip products, the markers are super-longlasting and the pout polish adds a subtle hint of colour with a pleasant scent. All 3 of these lip products will be becoming handbag regulars of mine.

And now for a pretty self explanatory NOTD:

Gosh nail laquer- 001 Lavender love

Such a pretty coloured polish. My first Gosh polish and I found it very easy to apply and so far no chips.

Next installment of superhaul reviews to come tommorow!

Rachy xxx


  1. I love that nail polish!
    Very Summery and very retro.

  2. The nail polish is sooo pretty!
    I'm surprised by the fact the markers are slightly glossy, I always think products like that would be drying.

  3. I love that nail polish colour! the lip markers are interesting... might check them out x


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