Saturday, 26 March 2011

Superhaul! - Mac, Bobbi Brown, Gosh, Lush & Sleek

Im going to let you all in on a little secret...the other day I recieved my student bursary and may or may not have gone on a 2 day superspree, and the results of this may or may not be below in this post. (Please don't tell the bursary police, I'm saving the rest I promise!...)From left to right in 3 rows:
  1. Mac Fix +
  2. Bobbi Brown corrector- Porcelain Bisque
  3. Bobbi Bown creamy concealer kit- Porcelain
  4. Gosh Nail laquer- 001 Lavender Love (special edition)
  5. Lush solid purfume- Karma
  6. Scandalous rock chick wave spray
  7. Mac satin eyeshadow- Sushi Flower
  8. Mac creamblend blush- Something special
  9. Sleek pout polish- Electro Peach
  10. Sleek peach palette
  11. Gosh Long lasting lip marker- 003 Berry, 001 Red

Don't worry if you think I havn't gone into enough detail, I think a lot of these items deserve posts of their own which I will be delivering to you over the next few days (reviews, pics, swatches) So keep your eyes peeled :)
Rachy xxx

1 comment:

  1. oh wooow great haul! How's the new bobbi brown concealer kit? And I'd love to see a FOTD with MAC's something special if possible

    Awesome blog.. I'm following ;)


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