Sunday, 13 March 2011

2 recent FOTN's

If any of you are wondering why the lack of posts as of late, my answer is...I am a lazy student. I have spent the last few days going out, being hungover, lazing around...and reading of course! But because I feel guilty for not posting, here are a couple of my makeup looks from recent nights out:
(hope the friends in my pictures don't mind ;)

(me on the right of course) Rocking the red lips, my Mac prolong wear lipcream is perfect for nights out as it doesn't budge!

On the face I have the usual foundation and concealer, Mac style blush and MSF in soft and gentle. The eyes are Mac shroom, woodwinked and twinks with some black liner. And the lips are Mac prolong wear lipcream in prolong.

(me on the right again..I must have a thing about being on the right!)

Wearing usual foundation, concealer & Mac MSF soft and gentle. On the eyes a pearly white pixi shadow and Mac pearlglide eyeliner in petrol blue. The lips are Mac dazzleglass- funtabulous.

All in all, two easy longwearing looks that didn't budge through the night (other than the reapplying of lipgloss)

Rachy xx


  1. both of these looks are lovely... and your skin always looks glowing! x

  2. thanks! And the glow is 100% down to the MSF! X

  3. Love the second one, lovely and fresh and glowy and pretty!


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