Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mini drugstore haul- pics, swatches & NOTD

I had a bit of a crappy morning yesterday so to cheer myself up I popped down to the local boots and superdrug and picked myself up a couple of bits :)
-From boots I picked up from number 17's new Vintage love collection the Vintage love metallic nudes mini palette and which was £5.49 (i think) and with my £5 number 7 voucher i got myself a little concealer brush :)
-In superdrug i noticed the Andrea Fullerton nailvarnish stand, which is a brand I havn't heard much about. After a little browse i noticed the Gemstone overcoat (£5.10) which is similar to the Gosh rainbow glitter I have been after. I made the purchase :)

As You can hopefully tell from the swatches below, this palette contains some really pretty colours. I noticed when swatching that the colour payoff is brilliant, I only had to lightly dab my finger in the product to get these swatched. Also they are super metalic, similar I suppose to Macs Mega metal eyeshadows. Cant wait to try these colours out on my eyes.

I really like this topcoap. The glitter flakes are irridescent and sparkle orange, yellow, green & blue when u move your fingers around. I coated this over Rimmel 60 seconds- deliciously dark (a matte colour)

Have any of you picked heard of of used any Andrea Fullerton polishes?

Rachy xxx

1 comment:

  1. Yay for retail therapy! Love the nail polish, I have never even heard of that brand but reminds me of the nubar 2010. You can have so much fun with that topcoat.


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