Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Superhaul review Part 3: Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer

Now I have come to the part of my superhaul review that I am dreading; the part where I have to show you all my eyes without concealer for the sake of comparison :(
I have suffered from really dark circles under my eyes since I was young which is why I got into concealer at quite an early age and have pretty much every concealer under the sun to find one I liked. For the last year I have been using Maybelline pure cover mineral concealer which was brilliant, matched my skintone perfectly and didn't crease at all, the only problem was that on nights out I found I had to keep re-applying to keep the coverage at its maximum.
So after years of being used to the more liquidy concealers I have decided to give something else a try..Bobbi brown corrector and concealer.
When I went to the Bobbi Brown ounter I had only intended to get the concealer, but of course after the lady worked her magic I was convinced I needed the corrector also. Thankfully my mum treated me to the corrector, as the price of both together is insane!
Left: Corrector- porcelain bisque, Right: concealer- porcelain
Same as above. The corrector is slightly lighter and pinker than the more yellowy colour of the concealer. This is to brighten the eye area and cancel out any redness before you apply the concealer.
Because my concealer shade is so light, the powder that came with it is simply white:
And here it goes, a picture of my without concealer: (notice extra redness around the eyes and general bad skin as I am really poorly at the moment)
And here is a picture with my dark circles (hopefully) concealed... for comparisons sake one eye has corrector & concealer and one just concealer...can you guess which?
The answer is I am wearing corrector and concealer on my left eye (right when looking at the picture) and just concealer on the right. I think its partly down to the poor picture quality that it is hard to see the difference here (taken on my iphone) and to be honest I am finding it hard to see the difference myself today, but when applying it seems to be visably doing something. If that makes sense...
left eye: corrector and concealer
Right eye: just concealer

-The one thing I would say about this concealer is unfortunately it does crease, even with the powder on top. I asked the Bobbi Brown lady before buying (hoping she'd tell me the truth) and she said 'ooh no it shouldn't crease with the powder on top'....alas.
-Other than that it is a nice concealer and certainly does brighten up my eye area nicely. But for the price I think it is a little outrageous. For a better impression of how it looks, I am wearing it in the FOTD in my last post.
-To be perfectly honest I think I have been wearing the more liquid concealers for all these years for good reason, and once the Bobbi brown concealer is finished I may resort back to them.

Did any of you notice the difference between both eyes?
Any other good concealers to recommend?

Rachy xxx


  1. It does look like a good products, but ouch on the price.
    Maybe you are using too much product which is why its creasing? Or try some eye cream underneat, hopefully that will help.

  2. @ kelsey: see thats the problem, i feel i have to use alot of product cause my eyes are so dark underneath and im used to my previous concealers having a good coverage. I think ill pick up some eye cream 2mro x

  3. it looks like a really good concealer, i've wanted to try bobbi brown concealers for ages but they're just too damn expensive! i suffer from dark circles and love the Clinique Airbrush concealer, doesn't crease either :) x

  4. @Hannah: Totally agree with you about the price, I only bought it cause I had a bit of spare cash, but otherwise would not have been able to. thanks for the recommendation ill have to check out the clinique one xx

  5. Expensive . But it really covers the skin nicely:)

  6. I use this and it works really well for me. I put more corrector on than concealer and use my finger to pat it on only in the shadowy areas. Then put the concealer over the top and blend it all over the undereye area by patting it. Then I take the powder puff (I have the concealer with the loose powder so I'm not sure if this pressed version has one with it) and dab it lightly into the powder so I have a very small amount. Then gently pull my eye down and press it into the creases to help set it better. As it dries down I find it does crease so I just swipe my fingertips across it and it is fine for the rest of the day. Eye cream helps the product sit well on my skin too, it seems to meld into it better rather than look like it is on top. Don't put too much powder on either, that can make it crease too. Hope that helps!

  7. @Jennifer: Thanks a lot for the advice I shall defiantly be taking your tips. I have been applying with a brush so far so hopefully if i do the finger dabbing thing it will set better. I'm also going to invest in an eye cream 2mro which should hopefully help too :) xxx

  8. I wrote a review on this and as much as I like the results of it.. It does crease on me so much as well.. And it is such a shame coz it's a nice concealer overall..

    I did try it with powder, with an eye cream.. everything and nothin seems to uncrease it..

    I read some good reviews on the Giorgo Armani master correct.. If i do end up getting it.. I'll definitely compare it with the BB corrector..

    Thanks for sharing =)

  9. You look gorgeous without makeup!!! Seriously, you have an almost perfect complexion! However, that concealer works brilliantly. I'm thinking I might have this try this. Thanks for the review


  10. Hi, I notice this post is quite old. I'm currently trying out the BB corrector and concealer and was wondering whether you eventually had any luck with it? Did you find a method to not make it crease?


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