Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunset eyes

Sorry about the lack of variation as of late, I'm stuck in a bit of a FOTD rutt at the moment, FOTD's being one of the only thing I can afford to do time-wise as I am coming up to the last week of term at Uni which means alot of work!

However, I have made this FOTD a more interesting one. My friend Kelsey always urges me to be more colourful with my makeup, and my recent purchase of the Sleek peach palette means I can experiment more with brighter colours than the usual nudes.

The look I came up with reminded me of a sunset, hence the title. Here it is:

Eyes: Bobbi brown corrector-porcelain bisque, collection 2000 lasting wear concealer, Sleek peach palette- sandstone (brow bone), blush (inner part of lid), cameo (main part of lid), stone (eyebrows). Mac eyeshadow- Sushi flower (crease)

( I tried to link a pic of the sleek peach palette with name labels from google but it wouldn't let me, so do look it up if you would like to see)

Face: Collecion 2000 lasting wear concealer, Mac cream colour base-Hush

Lips: Mac lipstick- Chatterbox

Rachy xxx


  1. Oh its so cute, I love it! And I have that top! I want to go to spain now and have cocktails.

  2. Love this look, it looks so pretty on you. That lipstick is lovely.

  3. Gorgeous colours! I covet brows like yours. Peanut butter and jealous. (:

  4. I think peach is a gorgeous shade for your porcelain skin!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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