Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Thomas Sabo Collection

This is a jewelerry post so it is a little different from the posts I usually do but my boyfriend treated me to a new Thomas Sabo bracelet today which inspired this post :) If I stop making sense I appologise, I am at a bit of a loss when trying to describe jewelery!
I'm not the world biggest jewelery fan, you'll rarely see me wearing a necklace or anything too fancy looking but I am much more of a bracelet person and the bracelets I love the most are Thomas Sabo.

Charm club booklet and the pretty boxes the bracelets come in

I think Thomas Sabo is fairly popular so you may or may not have heard of the brand but the reason I like it is because the bracelets are really fun, not too fancy looking and come in all kinds of colours and sizes. There is also an amazing selection of charms, which make brilliant gifts for anyone who has a charm bracelet (it's a bit of a thing for the females in my family to recieve charms for christmas and birthdays) so all of the charms I have are gifts from different occasions which makes them more special and fun to collect.

These are my bracelets :) The ones I have are designed to fit 3 charms on each but I tend to stick to 2 because I dont want the charms to scratch eachother too much (that sounded like they are alive!) They are really cool for mix matching the charms depending on what you're wearing or what mood you are in.

The Bracelets and the charms:

The black bracelet, My first Thomas sabo bracelet. My mum bought me this for my birthday a couple of years ago and I love it for wearing occasionally in the daytime but mostly in the evening if I am going anywhere special (because its the biggest and most evening-y of the bunch) The charms on this one at the moment are the blue peace sign, my first charm and probably still my favourite, and the mushroom given to me by my brother for christmas.

The red bracelet. This was also a Christmas present I think. This bracelet is cute and I wear it mostly in the daytime because of its bright colour. Had a bit of drama with this one, got a hair stuck round it and when untangling the bracelet broke and the beads flew everywhere, resulting in my screaming 'NOOOOOOO!' I took it back to the store and they exchanged it though :)
The charms: Kermit :) He's looking abit battered because he was also one of my first charms. And a duck that I got for christmas, don't ask why but I fell in love with the duck and then he found his way into my christmas pile :)
And last but not least, the purple bracelet. My boyfriend literally JUST bought me this, so I am still staring at it in admiration every 5 minuites. I think this is one of the new style bracelets with round beads anda string tightening thingy at the back (I warned you this wouldn't make sense!) I like that this one is on string/rope/whatever it is because I don't get scared of breaking it every time I put it on unlike the other which are on elastic. The Charms: A clover for luck and because I am part Irish, and an anchor, the only charm I bought myself.

The braclets aree £23ish each so they won't break the bank but the charms on the other hand range from £15.99-£50+ which is why they are more gift items than something you just go out and buy.

Hope this post hasn't been too waffley, just wanted to share my most cherished jewelery because it was getting jelous of my makeup!


  1. we have to get some new york theme ones x

  2. OOoOO...I've never heard of this line before - I'm a new to the jewelry world. I love anything with charms! I must check it out. =)

  3. This is the first time I've heard of this brand, I really like them. I like the plain silver bracelets which you can put lots of charms on. They're much nicer than these Pandora type charms etc. I might ask for one for Christmas. I think it is good how they do charms with little diamonds and gemstones in them and also enamelled charms.

  4. @Jennifer: yeh there's such a huge variety of charms and some really lovely ones. I don't own one of the silver charm bracelets but I know someone who does and it's really pretty and delicate looking xx

  5. Oh, you have such a lovely collection, I love all of the bracelets <3 I like Thomas Sabo, especially his pretty charms, one day I'll get some too, hopefully :)

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