Friday, 3 June 2011

Maybelline Dream Touch blush- Apricot (Mac Creamblend blush dupe!)

First of all I must appologise for the pictures in this post, I'm back home with no real way of blogging accept using my rubbishy iphone camera to upload pics..and I'm desparate to do a post! Hopefully you'll get a fair idea of the product I am describing though :)
The first two pictures are ones I found on google as the pictures I took were too rubbish :

Just tried to upload the swatch but the iphone pic was again too rubbish so I borrowed the swatch from this blog

Here's what the blush looks like on:

First impressions are that I am really impressed with this blush. Its super smooth and creamy and applies/blends so easily (I used my fingers) There are three colours; apricot, peach and a pink one (I think berry?)
I noticed that these blushes are a cheaper dupe for Mac creamblend blush and at around £6.50 they won't break the bank. I absolutely love the colour I picked, it is a really subtle light peach and I think it actually works as both a blush and highlight in one. I know I will get alot of use out of this and will probably keep it in my handbag as a touch up product :)
So there you go, that was my (somewhat failing) little post on Maybelline dream touch blush

Anyone else tried this blush? If so which colour?
Rachy xxx


  1. Looks great on your skin tone! Also, love the lipstick you are wearing in the pic!

  2. I love this blusher! Looks very nice on you
    xxx Elle


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