Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What to buy your boyfriend from Lush

Today is my boyfriends 21st birthday (happy bday Seany!) and amongst a few other things I bought him a few bits from Lush cosmetics. I try to encourage any one I can to buy lush so that I can be surrounded by yummy smelling people haha. Getting boys into lush is a difficult one though (i'm lucky, Sean is a lover of lush not a hater) so I carefeully selected all of these bits to make them 'boy friendly'. Here's what I picked:

Sean is a fan of Lush's mintly and lemony scents, he already has the 'Dirty' showergel, so I tried to stick to those smells in choosing the gifts :)

1. Ice and a slice- two soaps, Ice blue (mint scent) and Bohemian (lemon). Obviously these soaps are great for girls too but I think they are especially suited to can hardly imagine a boy rocking a floral scented soap can you?!

2. Dirty solid perfume- Also suitable for girls but me and the Lush lady agreed that this purfume smells much better on a man. If you've smelt the Dirty shower gel it is similar to that. I don't really know how else to describe it other than a yummy minty boyish smell.

3.Too Drunk- Another minty smelling one. I am a huge fan of this product myself. You just drop it in bottom of the shower while you are washing and let it work its magic. It releases smells that are a perfect hangover cure (very helpfull for uni students like my and Sean!)..and also a very good cure for those birthday hangovers.

4. Ickle baby bot ballistic- I chose this one for pretty obvious reasons...its blue and shaped like a robot! Also has a very nice relaxing lavender scent.

Any of you ladies have other halves into lush?
Rachy xxx

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  1. I think I'm going to pick up some of that 'Too Drunk'! LOL


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