Sunday, 12 June 2011

Cath Kidston CUTE dress find

I was having a browse in Cath Kidston yesterday, I love all of the clothes in there they combine shapes and prints that I love..and I stumbled across one dress in my size that I lurvvved, and was happy to see it was on 50% sale :) Previously £85 (I would never pay that with my student budget!) it was reduced to £42.50...which I still shouldn't have spent as a student, but I couldn't help myself!

I realise it may not everyones cup of tea but I lovee the floral print on it and feel like a cute little granny wearing it hah.

I think this dress is pretty much the perfect summer dress for me. The print is lovely and bright, the fit is comfortable (not clingy or tight atall) and the material is 100% Viscose- not sure what that means but I like it.

I love the cute neckline <3

Not to mention the sleeves! Really like the band at the end of the sleeve. Sometimes I don't feel like getting my arms out, so this dress will be great for those days.
A little preview of the dress as modeled by me- face and hair are rough because I had just come back from shopping in the rain :(

I can't wait for this gloomy weather to brighten up so I can skip down to the park in the dress clutching my Oli&Nic apple bag :)

Rachy xxx

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  1. love this dress, love cath kidson!!!! very lush for summer!! love the sleeves as well, sweet and unique. xxx


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