Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sleek haul: Caribbean palette! & more- swatches

It's me again! Sorry to be bombarding you with posts today, but it appears I have quite alot of new products I am excited about! Just popped down to superdrug and when I asked the lady to look in the sleek drawer to see if there was a blusher I noticed one solitary carribean palette laying in the drawer! I don't think this palettes even available to buy yet (it will be very soon) but the lady was confused and sold it to me anyway, mwoohaha!
I also picked up a couple of lipsticks which I lurvveeee! so heres some pics...

I got 2 lipsticks:Heartbreaker(matte) and Peaches & cream (sheen). AND the Sleek Caribbean collection Curcacao e/s palette. The bright packaging is pretty reflective of the product inside!

look how bright they are! there are 6 mattes and 6 shimmers.
Tequila sunrise (shimmer), Martini (shimmer), Blue Hawaiian (matte), Bloody mary (matte), screwdriver (matte), Green iguana (shimmer)

Apres Midori (shimmer), Blue lagoon (matte), Purple haze (matte), Green martini (shimmer), Singapore sling (shimmer), Expresso martini (matte)

So if you havn't already guessed, the colours are all named after cocktails which is really fun. All of the colours are so bright and pigmented and I will definatly be taking this palette to the festival in spain I am going to :)

And now the 2 lipsticks I bought:

Peaches & cream (sheen), Heartbreaker (matte).

Peaches & cream, Heartbreaker.

I absolutely love these 2 lipsticks, they are perfect bold summer colours. I particularly love the heartbreaker lipstick (possible dupe for mac impassioned). I am really impressed with the formula of both lipsticks, the sheen finish is glossy and moisturising and the matte is super matte and not atall drying.

Here is heartbreaker on my lips:

super matte, yay :)

I am so happy with the Sleek bits I picked up and I'm so glad that my local superdrug has sorted out their Sleek section, which means I will probably be buying alot more in the future!

Rachy xx


  1. gorgeous haul!

    You really suit the lipstick too! xox

  2. the lipstick looks so good on you! love that peaches and cream one, i wish i could magically appear in the UK and buy one!

  3. omg, I'm dying over that lipstick!! :D I wish I could pick up Sleek at my local beauty store here :/

  4. the lipcolors are amazing but the shadows i wouldn't reaaly be able to pull off :/

  5. That lipstick is so wonderful! I'm totally lusting over Sleek.

  6. Oh No ....I need heartbreaker lipstick now:)

  7. Hey Rach :) really love your lipstick here it really suits you!
    Will you follow my blog Fashion Owl please? I've only just started but need a few followers to get the ball rolling :)
    Jess xxx

  8. Wow, everything looks lovely, and I'm adoring the packaging!! Heart Breaker looks stunning on you!

  9. Loving those palette so with the lipstick, especially matte ones.
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