Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Illamasqua Galactic!

So if you watched my haul video on youtube the other day you will see that perhaps the craziest item of the haul was the Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Galactic! I did intend to go there and get frenzy (a gorgeous hot pink) but got distracted completely by galactic haha. I realise that it's not the most wearable everyday colour but there is definatly something about it that I love and I'm going to try to wear it as many ways possible (even if it means throwing a space girl party!).
So here's what the badboy looks like:

Isn't she a beauty?
The two pictures above show 'Galactic' thinly spread over my lips to make it more wearable and also because I didn't want to waste product by applying it thickly :)
I'm wearing my Nars eyeshadow duo in Misfit in the second photo.

I found it really hard to get decent swatched but here are my pictures of the gloss thickly swatched, and how it is probably intended to be warn. Look how crazy pigmented it is!

If you are thinking that this gloss is completely unwearable, the Illamasqua lady said that you can mix this in with other glosses or lipsticks to add glitter to them. you can also layer it lightly or thickly on top of other bold coloured lipsticks, (Iwant to try it on top of one of my purples!)
The gloss had a nice fruity scent which I was pleasantly surprised by, you wouldnt expect a silver lipgloss to smell fruity!
Another thing I will say for this gloss is that the consistancy is thick which means that it sticks around FOREVER, I literally had to scrub it off my lips! I don't know if it's the same for the other shades as this one is so dense with glitter, but I am guessing from the reviews on Temptalia that it is.
All in all, however crazy and perhaps unwearable this gloss is, I love it and it has definatly made me want to pick up more of the intense lipglosses, Frenzy is the top of my list.
Rachy xxx


  1. daring! but it looks so great on you :)

  2. what a fun lip gloss, looks super cute!

  3. Wow that's surprisingly wearable! I'm shocked at how gorgeous it is (swooning) :D


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