Sunday, 10 April 2011

Discount Urban Decay Haul

So whats better than a haul? A discounted one! And I am here to share with you what bits I have aquired for myself over the last couple of weeks and at what prices :)

Urban Decay Lipstick- Jailbait, 2x Urban decay pigments- Shag & X, Urban decay liquid liner- Lucky

I got the two pigments and the liner on a recent trip to TK Maxx. Now I'm not the biggest fan of TK Maxx, well im not a fan atall but after seeing 's recent post about the summer sandles she found in there I decided to give it another try. However I scoured the shoe section to no avail. A quick scan of the rest of the shop told me all I needed to know; clothes all over the place, probably more hassle than its worth sifting through all that lot.... So while my mum and boyfriend were taking forever I drifted over to the tatty looking makeup/shampoo/random bits and bobs section and had a little dig. After a detailed digging I found myself a couple of gems....

The two pigments were in a little pouch together, £5 for the both. RRP- £12 I think

The eyeliner was £4, RRP £9.

I like all of the colours, they are all nice and neutral so very wearable.

The Lipstick I bought separataly for £4.85 with free p&p on the website

Here are some swatches

Jailbait lipstick, pigments: Shag, X. Liner: Lucky

Not the best picture but this is what the lipstick looks like.

Any of you girls found any discount makeup bits lately?

Rachy xxx


  1. Wicked bargains! A girl came into lush the other day with the best tights and they was from tk maxx, may have to give them a visit.

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