Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Good boyfriends buy you Lush :)

My boyfriend returned home from work yesterday with a yummy smelling present in his hand, A bag of lush! He treated me to this as like an early easter gift/general spoiling because he was up central London, the land of Lushes! Here's what he picked out:

Top row L to R > Bottom row L to R:

1.Dirty spring wash showergel- I think this one may have been a bit of a present for himself actually lol as he said he loves the minty smell (I do to) So because it's a big bottle I think we'll be keeping this one back at his flat at uni to share :)

2.Marathon Bubble bar- I hadn't even heard of this one but Sean (bf) informed me that it was exclusive to the London stores for the London Marathon. Now I didn't run the marathon myself but i did go to watch my dad which involved alot of walking around (poor me!) So I think I was due a nice relaxing bath yesterday :) The smell is very similar to the Wiccy magic Muscles massage bar (which I lurvee) so they must have similar ingredients.

3. Fluffy Egg ballistic (wrapped in a very cute bunny knot wrap): This is so cute! this would make the perfect little easter gift for someone who you'd like to give something other than chocolate to. The Egg has the scent of Lush Snow fairy (yum) and I'm actually going to make Sean take this back off me and give it to me on easter!

4.Mint julips lip scrub- Yummy minty lip scrub. Another one that I suspect Sean may have bought for himself, he loves eating them (the naughty child that he is). But yeh, a nice scrub to get rid of any dead skin before moisturising your lips.

5.Ultrabalm- I have never had this one before but I can tell it will be a good one for me as I suffer from eczema on my hands and the occasional dry patch on my arms, elbows etc. This is described as very much a multi-purpose products to be used on any dry patches and even lips. Sean also informed me (get him!) that some tattoo artists use it to keep the tattoo moist instead of savlon or other harsher products in the healing process.

6. It started with a kiss lip tint- I've Had this before and loved it but sadly I lost it. But now I have a new one, yay! Lovely pink colour looks very natural on the lips and has a nice spiced appley scent.

7.Hippy chick ballistic- Another cute easter product that I think I'll make sean take away from me untill easdter. Has a nice grapefruit scent (similar to happy hippy shower gel)

So there you have it, that was my boyfriends lush haul...for me!
Rachy xxx


  1. Fluffy Egg and Hippy Chick look cute! You have a great boyfriend x

  2. awww that's so sweet of him.. I loove lush! Anything from lush is a treat for sure!

  3. wow you have a very nice boyfriend! The lip scrub looks good, i've wanted to try them for ages xx


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