Thursday, 28 April 2011

INGLOT e/s palettes: swatches & FOTD

Yesterday I trekked it all the way to Westfields shopping centre, mainly to check out the INGLOT store and get some eyeshadows in the freedom system. For those of you who don't knoe, the freedom system is basically where you pick an amount of eyeshadow pans (5, 6 or 10) to go in a free palette. You can choose from circular or square pans (the square are larger therefore slightly more expensive)

There was a huge range of colour so I got to picking straight away. The idea was I was going for a neutral-ish palette and a smokey one. Here's the two I came out with:

-These two palettes cost about £21 each which I think is fantastic value compared to mac (the pans are also slightly bigger than mac and to me the quality of product feels just as good)
-I realise now that looking at my colour choice I chose quite autumny looking colours but I think they will work for my colouring in the summer aswell. The darker palette is for me to experiement more with grey-ish smokey eye looks.

Closer look at neautral palette & swatches:

Unfortunately the colours don't come with names, just numbers on the bottoms of the pans but as you can see this palette has a glittery cream, gold, a couple of shimmery browns and a khaki type colour.

Closer look and swatches of grey/smokey palette:
In this palette there is a pretty pearly white to highlight and different shades and depths of grey (some more blue, some more plummy)

And here is my FOTD using the neutral palette: I used the 1, 2 and 4th colours in the neautral palette. I also used MAC eyeliner in rosmary & time (to the beach collection) and MAC creamblend blush- something special.
The lipstick I used was amongst another couple of things I picked up on my trip to westfields:

1. Marks & spensers lipstick -wild geranium (£6)

2. Next nail polishes in mink & Coral (£2 each)

There you go!

Anyone else have any inglot palettes? What kind of colours do you have?

Rachy xxx


  1. looks good! i would have chose similar colours :) and i didn't know next did nail varnish! love the coral shade xx

  2. mmm a bunch of neutrals. looks like everything i would pick as well haha. and this cream blush looks so phenomenal on your skin! just peachy wonderfullness!

  3. That's a great post! Thanks for linking it! Westfields is my closest one as well, but I WILL be going, haha. I'm also looking for (more) neutral colours. They look so beautiful! I neeeed them, haha.


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