Saturday, 23 April 2011

NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss

So I went up Oxford street today to get a dress for tonight, and of course when the clothes shopping wasn't going too well I abandoned mission and went makeup shopping :) I popped into the very posh Liberty and got my very first NARS product..Turkish Delight Lipgloss! I'm sure most of you will have heard of this lipgloss as it is much raved about. I went to the NARS counter with this in mind but when I looked at the glosses it really was turkish delight that caught my eye first :)

Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss

When I got home I noticed that Turkish delight is a pretty close match to MAC's Prolong wear lipcreme in Overtime and they look lovely worn together.

Turkish delight over Overtime

Any Nars lipglosses you love?

Rachy xxx


  1. I love this lip combo on you!

  2. I've never noticed your facial piercing before! I really like it!

  3. Thanks both :)
    @Kat: thanks, ive had it a couple of years and just wear a small stud in it now x


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