Thursday, 7 April 2011

NOTD- 17 crackle top coat- silvery/gold

So I'm sure all you beauty bloggers are aware of the recent crackle nail polish craze, and this post is another installment of that.

I have the Barry M black crackle polish already, you may have seen the NOTD's, and when browsing Boots yesterday I noticed an equally as cheap brand (17) doing a pretty silvery gold crackle polish for just £2.99

As soon as I got home I was dieing to try the polish out, so I painted my nails with a coat of cheap black polish (superdrugs MUA- just £1), covered it with 17's crackle polish then applied a topcoat.

Here is the result:

Ignore the mess around the nails, thats just my poor painting skills..and it has fallen off now and looks neater anyway :)

One thing I did notice about 17's crackle Top coat is that it didn't shrink as much as the Barry M one, leaving smaller gaps between crackles. Of course it's all down the personal preferance but I actually prefer this and think this polish has a neater, prettier effect.

Any of you tried any other crackle polishes?



  1. I'm not quite sold on this one, I think I prefer it when they crack more. It's still cute though.

  2. Gorgeus. I try to find it in the boots near me but they don't have it. Still searching for one:)


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